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Finally back! After more than two years of trademark war, Soda Green won back its name in October last year. On February 18, Soda Green aka Fish Dining Series officially announced its return at the Taipei Big Egg.

"Hello, friends of the whole universe, we are soda green!"

Even in the face of many difficulties, they still persist in moving forward. Congratulations to Soda Green. They finally got back what belongs to them. Spring is approaching. I hope that the next is good news. The new album and the concert will all start!


Whose youth memory, there are not many soda-green songs, such as "Little Love Song", "Singer", "I miss you so much", "When we walk together", "Rainy Night" and "Unrivalled Beauty"

Many netizens said:

"Whether it's soda green or Yudingsi, it's always you", "Yudingsi soda green is all of them, and they haven't changed their name. Yudingsi is their small part", "It seems that youth is back, soda green refueling duck", and so on.


Has been popular in Chinese music for more than 10 years

Soda Green is a well-known orchestra in Taiwan, China, China. It officially launched in 2004, and has a wide appeal among the post-80s and post-90s youth groups. From 2006 to 2015, the soda green creative force of more than 10 years has not been reduced, and many songs with great popularity have been launched. The style is fresh and warm, the characteristics are significant, the number of fans is large, and numerous awards have been won in recent years.


Many songs of Soda Green are familiar to everyone.

In 2018, Soda Green broke with former agent Lin Weizhe. It is reported that at the end of 2018, under the witness of lawyers, both parties signed a contract termination agreement. However, Wu Qingfeng was sued by his former mentor Lin Weizhe for violating the Copyright Law in 2019 for singing his own song.

A series of disputes resulted in the group name "Soda Green" being unable to continue to be used. On July 3, 2020, Soda Green announced on its microblog that the orchestra was renamed "Yudingsi", and Yudingsi was officially announced as the incarnation of Soda Green.

It is understood that the name of the new group is the disassembly of "soda green", which is composed of parts from the traditional soda green: the fish of soda, the dice of soda, and the green system. In addition, the members also took new stage names: Ah Fu changed his name to Ke Tian, Jia Kai changed his name to Rau Dou, Xiao Wei changed his name to Ba Nu, Ah Gong changed his name to Jin Ba, Xin Yi changed his name to Xiang Me, and Qingfeng changed his name to Sunrise.

The "Soda Green" group changed its name to "Yudingshi" and asked Lin Weizhe to return the trademark right of Soda Green.

The trademark lawsuits of both parties have been tangled for a long time

It is understood that since the split, Wu Qingfeng and others have always insisted on suing Lin Weizhe Music Agency for possessing the registered trademark of "Soda Green" and demanding the return of the "Soda Green" trademark. However, after two court trials, Wu Qingfeng and others lost the lawsuit, and the trademark right still belongs to Lin Weizhe.


At the second court session in May 2021, Lin Weizhe once accused Wu Qingfeng of "setting up a bureau" to frame up the case. Wu Qingfeng said frankly that when the regiment was dismissed in 2017, everyone ostensibly publicized it for the reason that "Wu Qingfeng wanted to take a vacation", but in fact it was forced by Lin Weizhe.


Faced with the outcome of the second trial still losing, Wu Qingfeng and the team members once said: "The more biased the judgment, the stronger our belief in retrieving the team name. The trademark law cannot continue to ignore the rights and interests of artists and creators. We will appeal to the end and take back our team name 'soda green'."

No one expected that it was not long before the news of losing the lawsuit came out. Before the trademark battle, Lin Weizhe, the agent, announced that he would give up the trademark right to usher in a turnaround.

Lin Weizhe said: "I know that I should make a decision to let go of the past, whether it is good or bad. So I decided to give up the ownership of the trademark and wish the name a better future."

The dispute finally came to an end. On October 1 of the same year, according to the announcement, the trademark right of "Soda Green" name was obtained by Soda Green Co., Ltd. from October 1, 2022 for a period of 10 years. The six members decided to retrieve the original group name.

Why should we hold on to the "soda green" trademark?

"Soda Green" as a trademark, in addition to its fame, often has unpredictable value!

1. Trademarks are signs

The culture of an enterprise or group can be expressed with the trademark, and the image of the trademark representative will follow for a lifetime. Strengthening the protection of the trademark can fully protect the reputation and image of the enterprise.

2. Trademarks enable enterprises to effectively use social media

When listeners want to listen to soda green songs, they will search for the term "soda green" at the first time. When consumers have purchase needs and want to query through search engines or social platforms, there is no doubt that trademarks/brands will be the first impression. A higher search rate will not only help the ranking of search engines or social platforms, but also increase brand value.

3. Trademarks are valuable assets

With the establishment of each famous brand, the trademark has become an appreciation commodity at the same time. When your company becomes a big company, your trademark will also appreciate. Soda Green's fame has made many fans pay the bill. This is the expected value of the trademark.

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