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On the evening of February 22, a netizen in Shanghai posted a question about the indecency of the picture of women wearing split cheongsam on the outer package of the cup of the famous milk tea brand "Aunt Shanghai". In addition, the back hem of the cheongsam is stacked at the rear, which is not visible. When the woman sits on the chair, she directly exposes her thigh.


For a while, the topic of # the picture of the cheongsam of the aunt in Shanghai was questioned as indecent # rushed to the top of the microblog hot search, causing hot discussion.


Many netizens questioned that the picture was not elegant, and said in succession, "How can the formal cheongsam be split anywhere!" "It's almost to the knee!" "Where is the back piece?" "The male designer drew it!"

Some netizens also objected that the picture of cheongsam was normal and there was no need to go online. "Women with different personalities choose cheongsam with different slit heights. As for whether the slit reaches the thigh root, it really belongs to correction mania!"

In response, "Aunt Shanghai" customer service said that it would give feedback to colleagues in the design department, "see how to make improvements in the future."

Women with different personalities choose cheongsam with different slit heights, and the brand image of "Aunt Shanghai" is characterized by wearing cheongsam. The specific cheongsam style of women on the outer packaging should be related to the brand's positioning of drinks. As for whether the cheongsam is split to the thigh root, is it overcorrected?


The evolution history of the "Shanghai Aunt" logo

"Shanghai Aunt" is a new brand of fresh fruit tea, which is affiliated to Shanghai Zhenjing Industry Co., Ltd., and the brand headquarters is located in Shanghai, China.


In terms of brand construction and trademark layout, "Aunt Shanghai" is very important.

"Aunt Shanghai" has made a lot of efforts to optimize the LOGO. Let's take a look at the upgrading and changes of "Aunt Shanghai" LOGO.


The first LOGO used by "Aunt Shanghai" is the form of seal. The relatively rounded four characters of "Aunt Shanghai" are located in the red seal, with a strong Chinese flavor.

A year later, the logo of "Aunt Shanghai" changed its font and color, and added slogans. "Aunt Shanghai" has changed from mellow to relatively tough lines, and the color has also changed from bright red to brownish red. The advertising language is placed under the seal.


However, before long, the LOGO of "Aunt Shanghai" became an IP+text combination style. IP image is an image of an aunt with hot hair, and the facial expression is younger; The text lines have been changing, from relatively hard lines to very hard line processing, and then to soft, and the placement of the position has also changed.


In 2019, "Aunt Shanghai" removed the image of Aunt Shanghai from the LOGO and only retained the text part, while the font changes from smooth to tough, which seems to break through people's inherent impression of Aunt Shanghai, but in fact, it does not really leave a deep impression.


At the end of 2019, the "Shanghai Aunt" had a thorough upgrade, and its LOGO, space and so on have changed greatly from the original. The image of aunt appeared again in the upgraded LOGO, but this time, the image of aunt, dressed in cheongsam, with double ball heads, made an expression of half a cat and half an eye, looked more like a sister.

In terms of trademark layout, "Aunt Shanghai" can be said to create a moat. According to the inquiry, Shanghai Zhenjing Industrial Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of "Aunt Shanghai", actually owns more than 1500 trademarks.


The trademarks owned not only include the full registration of core trademarks, but also a number of moat trademarks specially designed to protect core trademarks. For example, "Shanghai grandmother", "Shanghai aunt", "Shanghai mother", "Shanghai nephew", "Shanghai aunt" and so on.

There is also a gap in a hundred

Although "Aunt Hushang" has such a strict awareness of trademark protection, it still failed to prevent the successful registration of "Uncle Hushang" and "Mother Hushang" trademarks.

On August 21, 2020, natural persons Yang Mou and Xu Mou applied for the registration of "Hushang Mama" and "Hushang Uncle" trademarks respectively. "Hushang Mama" is classified as the 43rd category of restaurants in the international classification, providing camping facilities and other services; "Hushang Uncle" is classified as the 30th category of cocoa in the international classification; Tea drinks and other commodities.


"Aunt Hushang" believed that these two trademarks were similar to the trademarks she had applied for earlier, so she filed an application for objection to these two trademarks.

The Trademark Office believes that there are certain differences between the trademarks of both parties in terms of text composition, overall appearance and call. The trademarks of both parties do not constitute similar trademarks used in similar services, and co-use will not cause confusion and misunderstanding among consumers. Therefore, the Trademark Office approved the registration of "Hushang Uncle" trademark No. 49120376 and "Hushang Mother" trademark No. 49126699.

Although the two trademarks "Uncle Hushang" and "Mother Hushang" have been successfully registered, "Aunt Hushang" can continue to take legal measures to invalidate the above trademarks. However, in the process of trademark invalidation, it is inevitable that there will be a huge cost of time and money.

In recent years, major enterprises have increased their efforts in trademark layout with great emphasis. For example, Alibaba and Laoganma have registered defensive trademarks to avoid the intrusion of copycat.

In fact, regardless of the size of the enterprise, the trademark layout of the enterprise is indispensable. In order to avoid preemptive registration and reduce the cost of litigation, it is necessary for the enterprise to expand its trademark protection scope in advance.

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