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As the leader of new energy vehicles, BYD's development momentum in the past two years can be described as swift and violent. Its two major vehicle lines, and, as well as many series of models, such as warships, also enable it to have a rich product line. However, BYD has opened a new trademark application, and the new trademark name is surprising.
微信图片_20220918102228.pngThe naming of BYD Automobile is quite thoughtful
As early as 2012, the "Dynasty Series" models were launched, and now the Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan and Han series models have been launched. However, the Dynasty series trademarks applied by BYD are not limited to this, such as Xia, Shang, Zhou, Zhao, Chu, Qi, Jin, Ming, Qing, Wei, etc.
In addition, BYD has also arranged marine life series models such as seals and dolphins, and warship series models such as destroyers and frigates. The novelty of model naming is no less than that of Great Wall Motors.
But it seems that this is not the end of BYD. According to the online information, BYD Co., Ltd. has newly applied for the registration of the "Coke" trademark, which is classified as a means of transport internationally. The current trademark status is pending substantive examination.
It is understood that the products under the category of transportation means include automobiles, buses, trucks, buses, forklifts, automobile bodies, automobile chassis, motors for land vehicles, motorcycles, automobile brake pads, etc. This indicates that this new trademark may be used in the new models of BYD in the future.

微信图片_20220918102233.pngIn addition to "Coke", BYD Co., Ltd. has also applied for the registration of "Coco", "Seagull", "Tyrannosaurus Rex", "Fearless Dragon" and other trademarks. International classifications are all means of transport.
Some netizens said that these new trademarks applied by BYD may be prepared in advance for its richer product lines in the future. However, the trademark "Coke" may be used to mark the "Coffee" model of Great Wall Motors, which is also an independent brand,
However, at present, BYD's new cars are mainly Dynasty series and "Ocean Series" products, and these new trademark applications will not necessarily be used in future BYD's new cars.
Previously, according to Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Auto Brand and Public Relations Business Department, BYD will launch a high-end brand with a price of up to one million yuan. The first model is a hard off-road vehicle, which will be officially launched in the first half of next year.
Perfection of trademark layout and sharp increase of sales
Recently, BYD released its sales report for August. The data shows that its sales volume of new energy vehicles in August was 174900, while the cumulative sales volume in the first eight months of this year was 978800, a year-on-year increase of 267.31%. In terms of financial reports, the announcement issued by BYD shows that it will achieve a revenue of 150.607 billion yuan in the first half of 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 65.71%. It is reported that BYD will officially ship its 1 million passenger cars in 2022.
微信图片_20220918102233.pngOne million new energy vehicles will be delivered in eight months, and the vast majority of them are new energy vehicles. It is expected that BYD will become the world's first auto company to sell millions of new energy vehicles annually, which is a remarkable achievement. The foundation of all this is BYD's brand layout.
According to the inquiry, BYD Co., Ltd. has 2300 pieces of trademark information, including "Dynasty Series", "Ocean Series" and the "Alternative Series" currently applied for, all of which reflect the importance BYD attaches to trademarks. Based on this, BYD can better open its hands and take the enterprise to a higher level.
微信图片_20220918102243.pngAlmost all of BYD's models have become popular models, and the "Dynasty Series" and "Ocean Series" have become popular targets. Because of the great success in the market, BYD also has the determination to enter the high-end market.
微信图片_20220918102246.jpgSlow down the trademark registration
Trademark transfer and exchange may be saved
In 2021, Tesla's global sales volume will be 936000 vehicles, with a net profit of 37.132 billion yuan. In the same year, BYD sold 730000 vehicles, with an annual profit of only 3.045 billion yuan. Only 4171 yuan will be earned for each vehicle, which is only one tenth of Tesla's. In addition to the purchase cost of raw materials, the "high-end" label is also a further constraint for BYD, which is also a reason why BYD aims at "high-end", but this "cake" is not so delicious.
According to the previous cases of domestic brands impacting the high-end market, the development process of Geely's LinkedIn, Great Wall's Weipai and Chery's Xingtu is not very smooth. In addition to the above problems, BYD's new brand is also facing a bigger problem.
BYD, which takes "technology as the king and innovation as the foundation" as its development philosophy, must not be underestimated in terms of intellectual property rights. According to the query, BYD has 22251 pieces of patent information and 2300 pieces of trademark information. It has made relevant intellectual property layout for its core technology and key brands, but unfortunately, the registration of the new brand "Star Sky" has been slow.
There are 60258 pieces of trademark information related to "Starry Sky", of which the "Starry Sky" trademark on the transport vehicle, which is the 12th category related to BYD, has been successfully registered by GAC Honda, which has successfully acquired it through transfer.
If BYD doesn't want the product to be on the market yet, it will encounter the dilemma of changing its name. It should timely file a request for invalidation or consult with GAC Honda to see if it can take down the trademark through transfer. After all, there was a good story that BYD and Great Wall exchanged trademarks. BYD gave the "Wei" trademark to Great Wall, and Great Wall transferred the "landing ship" trademark to BYD.
It can be said that many automobile enterprises have mastered a complete set of naming schemes in terms of trademark layout. Whether it is the defense trademarks registered in advance or the related products are intentionally named, these full series of trademark layout actions reflect the perfect trademark layout consciousness of automobile enterprises!
Brand operation is inseparable from the protection of trademarks! As the foundation of enterprise development, the enterprise operators must attach importance to trademark protection and comprehensively improve the trademark layout from a long-term perspective.
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