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The iPhone 14/Pro series models launched by Apple use the "exclamation point" perforated panel and the "Smart Island" launched with iOS 16 to amaze fans. The iPhone 14Pro "Smart Island" can cover up the defects of pill digging, and the beautiful interaction logic is like a "magic pen".
In previous predictions or renderings, various companies believed that Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series would use the industry's original "exclamation point screen." When it was discovered that this "exclamation point" could be hidden through the UI, no one ever mentioned the news about "Smart Island". This shows that Apple's confidentiality work this year can be regarded as a masterpiece.
After the pre sale of the iPhone 14 series, it was exposed that Apple had made a special trip to Jamaica to register its trademark for Lingdong Island.
Why register the trademark of Spirit Island in Jamaica?
Apple gave up its trademark registration in the United States. In order to protect the patent and avoid being dug up by the "trademark detective" to the "Smart Island", Apple went to Jamaica in July this year and submitted its first global patent application for the "Dynamic Island", thereby reducing the risk of disclosure to a very low level.
Because trademarks registered in Jamaica must be applied offline, Jamaica is only allowed to go to the country to apply for registration in person, and cannot search for trademarks through online means. In addition, Jamaica's registered trademarks do not support online query, which means that others cannot see some trends of Apple's patents through search.
1.jpgWhether the registration method or query is not supported, it is the best place for Apple to register its patents in Jamaica. At present, Apple has registered patents in many places. This practice is the same as the logic behind Wang Shouyi's registration of "13 fragrances" and "14 fragrances". In essence, it is to protect the intellectual property rights of the brand and keep it as confidential as possible before the press conference.
In fact, not only this time, "Smart Island", Apple has always liked to register trademarks in Jamaica for many years. It has been used in a series of products such as Siri, Apple Watch, MacBook, etc., all related to Jamaica's unique trademark protection mechanism, which can protect trademark confidentiality to the greatest extent without disclosing it in advance, and can also prevent friends from registering in other countries before Apple.
After Apple releases its products, it can use the trademark registered in Jamaica to apply for fast track, and the trademark that meets the regulations of the United States and passes overseas has the priority to claim.
That is to say, after Apple registered the "Spirit Island" trademark in Jamaica in July, it can apply in the United States and other regions after the release of the iPhone 14, and obtain the priority of application with the Jamaica trademark as evidence.
It is precisely by taking advantage of this special mechanism that Apple will go to Jamaica to register its trademark within six months before the launch of new products every time. The same places also include Tonga, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries. If you want to register before Apple, you must go to these places to check offline.
It may be because Apple predicted the importance of "Smart Island". After all, the double hole pill screen makes consumers feel very sorry. It must have enough amazing functions to distract consumers. Sure enough, Apple's "Smart Island" has aroused extremely heated discussion on the Internet, which is far more popular than the negative news brought by the hole digging screen. Some people are even willing to pay for the "Smart Island".
2.pngApple has done a good job of trademark layout in the meta universe
The iPhone business is the main source of Apple's revenue, while the Mac and iPad businesses are also the main drivers of Apple's revenue. In addition, despite the car business still in the polishing stage, AR/MR (augmented reality/hybrid reality) head display products may become the "star of tomorrow" of Apple's product line.

3.pngAccording to the data, Apple has been preparing for head display business for more than ten years. Since 2010, Apple has applied for more than 2000 AR/MR related patents, invested in or acquired more than 20 AR/MR business companies, silently cultivated the underlying technology of AR/MR for many years, and gradually improved the ecological layout from software and content, only waiting for the hardware release and finishing touch.
It is reported that Apple's new product series may be named "Reality". This also means that after Meta, Microsoft and Google, Apple has officially joined the battle of the Metauniverse.
Apple has registered the "Reality" trademark in many countries around the world
This time, Apple did not directly participate in the trademark registration, but followed the past practice to lock the target brand through the law firm it hired.
At present, relevant law firms have submitted applications for the registration of "Reality One", "Reality Pro" and "Reality Processor" in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica and Uruguay, and the application documents all mention "virtual reality and augmented reality head displays, goggles, glasses and smart glasses".
It is speculated that Reality One represents the first generation of AR/MR head display, Reality Pro represents the high-end version of Pro, and Reality Processor represents the special processor developed by Apple for AR/MR head display.
At the beginning of this year, a netizen found a "realityOS" in the open source source code of Apple, which may be the operating system running Apple's head display in the future. The name realityOS also appeared in trademark applications related to Apple.
Apple has been using the same model for a long time to apply for registered trademarks for upcoming products, some months before the official release, and some years before the official release. Through this model, Apple can ensure the ownership of the registered trademark as soon as possible, reducing the risk of paying high prices in the future.
Apple did not take this measure before releasing the iPhone in 2007, and finally had to purchase the iPhone registered trademark through the agreement signed with Cisco.
It is predicted that Apple Head Show will be officially announced at some time in the summer of 2023 and officially sold to consumers in 2023.
This is also the first time that Apple has opened a new product line since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015 seven years ago, and the popularity of the "meta universe" has only increased. It is also inevitable that Apple will take this step. However, the trademark application has not been approved yet.
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