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A cartoon background elimination pass through game "A sheep has a sheep" suddenly burst into flames, and boarded the hot search, which also made the game appear abnormal login.
Beijing Jianyou Technology Co., Ltd., an associated company of Yangle Geyang, was established in January 2021 with a registered capital of about 1.17 million yuan, and its legal representative is Zhang Jiaxu. Its business scope includes Internet cultural activities; Software development; Product design, etc.
According to the intellectual property information, more than 10 game software copyrights of Jianyou Technology Company have been registered and approved, including Yanglaogeyang, Homes of Wandering Pets, Moon Village, Crazy Wipe, Saving Watermelon, etc.
What is a sheep?
It refers to a small game of WeChat applet. Its playing style is a common leisure elimination type, and various props and hints should be used to eliminate obstacles and traps in each level.
微信图片_20220918095140.jpgThe reason why I went out of the circle was that the second level was too difficult, and the player could not pass it and was roast, resulting in a fire. Later, many players went to play the game after watching Hot Search, but they were persuaded to quit at the second level.
Shareholder information shows that the company is jointly held by Zhang Jiaxu, Xiamen Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Leshan Technology Co., Ltd. Amongst them, Xiamen Thunder Network is a company owned by Gibit (603444), which acquired shares in June this year and holds 10% of the shares of Jianyou Technology, the second largest shareholder.
As for the difficulty of the game, netizens called it a collapse. The happy land was gone. Some netizens said they would ask for a five minute leave, and they were angry to the point of cerebral congestion. What's more, one netizen who had played for 70 times and had not yet cleared the customs did not sleep.微信图片_20220918095155.jpgYang Liaogeyang has no independent app at present, and can only search and play in WeChat applet. The rules of this game are very simple. There are 7 slots at the bottom of the game. Players will eliminate the three same blocks by clicking them into the slots.
A netizen found that this little game was suspected of copying "3tiles".
From the exposed game screen, "A Sheep" and "3Tiles" play the same way, but the difference is that their icons are abnormal.
After the plagiarism event was exposed, some netizens said they would abandon the pit. However, some players pointed out that the playing methods of elimination games were not bad enough, so we can't assume that there was plagiarism in "A sheep has a sheep".
At present, the producer of "Sheep Has a Sheep" has not responded to this incident.
The current situation of knowing the production of sheep
The online information shows that Beijing Jianyou Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully applied for 2 trademark information and 11 software copyrights. The first publication date of the game is June 13, and the registration and approval date of the software copyright of "sheep have a sheep" is July 29.


Jianyou Technology focuses on leisure and social racetracks. The team is mainly composed of Zhang Jiaxu, the producer of Pirates Comes, and core members. In June last year, it received investment from Thunder Network. Here Comes the Pirate is the first WeChat game with a monthly flow of more than 100 million yuan, and the daily life has reached 25 million yuan. However, after checking the company's official website, there is no information about game products such as "sheep have a sheep".
"A sheep" is very popular, but the company's intellectual property protection is not perfect. Enterprises will inevitably invest a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources in developing new products. If intellectual property rights are not protected, competitors will obtain intellectual property rights at a low cost through unfair means such as imitation, replication, reverse engineering, and commercial espionage, so as to produce new products to participate in market competition.
Jianyou Technology can conduct trademark layout from the enterprise itself, and in terms of core trademarks, it can comprehensively cover or conduct hierarchical layout; In terms of defensive trademarks, we can expand around the core trademark, or rationalize the trademark layout from many aspects such as associative defense, enterprise characteristics, brand size, enterprise image representatives, and founders.
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