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This summer, the Maotai ice cream jointly produced by Maotai and Mengniu became a fashionable Internet sensation. While the Maotai wine flavor ice cream triggered a taste wave among consumers, many people also paid special attention to: will it affect driving and turn into drinking driving?
In the Mid Autumn Festival, the Maotai moon cakes produced by the Maotai government came again. Is it a mooncake with Maotai flavor?
Not at all.
These two sets of moon cake gift boxes named "Jade Tiger welcomes the moon" and "flow heart". The jade tiger welcomes the moon gift box contains two pieces of Cantonese rattan pepper beef, Cantonese egg yolk white lotus paste, Cantonese golden leg five kernels, and charcoal roasted walnut jujube paste. The price is 188 yuan / box;
The flow heart moon cake gift box contains 2 pieces of snow plum durian, black truffle, sugar free milk yellow and milk yellow. The price is 318 yuan / box.
That is to say, there is no Maotai flavor.
Previously, the ingredient list of Moutai ice cream indicated that the addition of Guizhou Moutai liquor was 2%, and the official wechat of Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd. said that "Moutai has been doing some research and development of new products that meet the needs of young and fashionable consumers".
However, the two Maotai mooncake gift boxes this year are from Maotai International Hotel, a star rated business and leisure hotel with Chinese architectural style invested and built by Guizhou Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd. and opened in 2016. Unlike the official promotion of Maotai ice cream, the mid autumn moon cakes of Maotai international hotel are relatively low-key.
Despite this, the market is still in demand.
2.jpgFour ministries and commissions: gift boxes with unit price exceeding 500 yuan will be subject to key supervision
"Sky high price moon cakes" have attracted the attention of the market. In recent years, we have advocated to promote the style of diligence and thrift, and the sky high price moon cakes with complicated packaging have been even more controversial.
In June this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration of market supervision jointly issued the announcement on curbing "sky high" mooncakes and promoting the healthy development of the industry, requiring that the boxed mooncakes with a unit price of more than 500 yuan be subject to key supervision.
The operator shall properly keep the transaction information of boxed moon cakes with a sales unit price of more than 500 yuan for 2 years for the relevant departments to check according to law. If necessary, a cost investigation will be conducted on the operator immediately.
The announcement also mentioned that the boxed moon cakes should not use precious metals, mahogany and other precious materials to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials; It is not allowed to tie in other commodities in any form. The industry organization should actively promote industry self-discipline. It is not allowed to use shark fin and other wild protected animal food materials in the filling of moon cakes, and it is advocated not to use rare and precious food materials such as bird's nest. Encourage simple and green packaging, guide operators to set reasonable prices, consciously maintain market order, and promote the formation of good social customs.
Maotai brand trademark layout
Earlier, the cross-border sale of ice cream helped to boost the market popularity of Guizhou Maotai. China Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of several trademarks of "maoxiaoling" and "ice alcohol love". The international classification includes scientific instruments, liquor, fitness equipment, etc. the current trademark status is awaiting substantive review.
It is reported that "Mao Xiaoling" is the exclusive IP image specially created by xiaomaomei Image Creation Studio for Maotai ice cream. "The love of ice cream is only for you" is its slogan.
In addition, after applying for the trademark of Maotai ice cream for convenience food in April, Maotai has recently applied for registration of the trademark of Maotai ice cream for advertising sales and office supplies. The current status is awaiting substantive review.
It is reported that on May 19 this year, Guizhou Maotai and Mengniu cooperated to jointly launch Maotai ice cream, which soon entered the hot search. The official price is: 764 yuan / piece, 12 cups per piece, 64 yuan / cup; Ordinary package: 59-66 yuan / cup. If the distribution cost is added, the maximum can reach 111 yuan.
Data show that this is not the first time that Maotai has stepped into the ice cream field. As early as 2019, Maotai tried to limit flash ice cream stores in Tianjin, which started the first battle in the cross-border ice cream field.
In the same year, it also customized the "Lai Mao · Ba Xi" co branded "Lai Mao liquor flavor ice cream moon cake" in the form of "only giving but not selling" with eight Xi ice cream. The novel play won the popularity of Maotai.
Now, Maotai has begun to officially enter the Bureau, which is related to the broad market prospect. According to the data, from 2015 to 2021, the scale of China's ice cream market increased from 90 billion yuan to 160 billion yuan. In the next 5-10 years, China's ice cream market will maintain a growth rate of more than 20%, and the scale has ranked first in the world.
It can be seen that the foot of Maotai is turning again.
3.pngHow to register the moon cake trademark?
What kind of trademark does moon cake belong to?
In the 45 categories of trademarks, the moon cake trademark belongs to the 30th category of convenient food 3006 - bread and cakes.
C300132: moon cake
To register the moon cake trademark, the following preparations should be made:
Query work
The trademark is composed of Chinese, English and graphics. According to the examination standard, it needs to be examined separately. If one of the Chinese, English and graphics conflicts with the prior rights, the application for the whole trademark will be rejected.
Many customers like to add suffixes related to products or services. In general, it is not recommended to add such suffixes. First, register the words with significant parts. After successful application, these suffixes can be added for use.
The significance of trademark application time
China's trademark law is based on the principle of application first. Once the name is determined, it can be applied for, and the submission procedures should be handled as soon as possible.
Many people think that the query can be applied for, and there is no need to worry. Design first and then apply for a complete set of VI designs, which can be as short as one week, as long as half a month, and then modify for more than one month. This is not conducive to trademark protection.
First, apply for the simple text. If you can get the certificate smoothly, you can re apply for the finalized logo at that time. Basically, there is no risk.
Improve the success rate of application through trademark registration
In general, when a trademark is applied for in Chinese and English, or a combination of Chinese and English graphics, it is suggested to split the trademark for application.
The advantages of this treatment are:
The success rate of separate application is high, and the application for the whole trademark will not be rejected because of the conflict between one party and the prior rights; If both Chinese and English are reviewed and approved, they can be used separately or in combination, making the use more flexible.
Select specific product items
To register a trademark in a category, you can select ten product items. First, when selecting products, you should select the products you are most important to do. Secondly, you should expand the protection scope. Each major small group should select a product for enclosure protection. There is another advantage of the group including more products. If some products are rejected, some products can get certificates.
In the early stage of trademark inquiry, if some categories of groups conflict with the prior rights, we should avoid this group when selecting products.

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