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On December 28, the digital center of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange officially settled in DT hub, Hong Kong.


Ling Jialian, chief executive of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, attended the opening ceremony of DT hub of Science Park.


DT hub is close to many data centers and telecommunications service providers. The Science Park hopes to attract companies engaged in big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology business, but does not include unmanned data centers. Huang Keqiang, chief executive of the Science Park, said that DT hub is specially set up for information and communication technology enterprises and expects enterprises in the center to exchange and cooperate and play a greater synergy.


Business value can only be derived from data after analysis and extraction. The digital center of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has the honor to settle in DT hub as a professional supporting for the development of data research. It is located in the heart of the data center, gathering the most high-end data centers in Hong Kong and the most cutting-edge data equipment. We will take this opportunity to support Hong Kong's move into the data age, promote industrial upgrading and transformation and Hong Kong's re industrialization process, Contribute to the search for new growth points for Hong Kong's economy.


Ling Jialian, President, said: the digital center of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange will focus on transformation research, product development and market promotion for local and overseas markets, focusing on the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedicine, data and smart city and financial science and technology, continuous innovation and cultivation of international talents.


Here, I would like to warmly congratulate the digital center of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange on its establishment in DT hub, Hong Kong.

Introduction to DT hub:

DT hub brings together institutional tenants such as ICT services, financial technology, Internet of things, multimedia processing, data center support and data technology. Industry clustering helps synergy, stimulate creativity and develop new thinking. The surrounding environment of DT hub focuses on the world's first-class public cloud and hosting service providers, and connects the global telecommunications and network service providers, as well as a number of 5g, Internet of things and smart city technology providers at any time; It helps to integrate various processes of cloud computing, network management and terminal computing, complete R & D integration at one time, and manage the life cycle of product solutions. Combined with AMC's advanced production technology and the R & D strength of the Science Park, DT hub will effectively promote the whole Chuangke ecological chain, integrate science and technology, R & D and industry, put the science and technology led development model into the industrial estate, promote the more vigorous and sustainable development of local R & D and build a Chuangke community.

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