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According to sources, a judge in the United States rejected Intel's request to revoke the jury's ruling on August 10 local time, which ordered Intel to pay $2.18 billion in patent infringement fees to VLSI technology LLC.


Source: Reuters

Reuters reported that Alan Albright, a district judge in Waco, Texas, rejected Intel's motion for a new trial in a sealed order issued late Monday.

It is reported that in March this year, a federal court in the Western District of Texas ruled that Intel infringed two VLSI patents, one of which required compensation of US $1.5 billion and the other US $675 million.

Previously, Intel lawyers Wilmer hale and William Lee said that these patents were owned by NXP. VLSI, established four years ago, had no products, and the potential income came from litigation.

"VLSI took out two patents that have not been used in 10 years and asked for compensation of US $2 billion, which will put pressure on real innovators. The amount of compensation that VLSI can obtain is no more than US $2.2 million." William Lee added.

In seeking a retrial, Intel said that the jury's wrong instructions and evidence ruling had an impact on the judgment and seemed to be based on the settlement agreements reached by Intel earlier, and VLSI's own damages experts acknowledged that these settlement agreements were not comparable.

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