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Recently, a jury in the Texas court ruled that apple must compensate Optis and several related companies $300 million for infringing wireless technology patents.


Optis wireless technology filed a patent lawsuit against apple in 2020. The Texas court ruled last August that Apple infringed five patented technologies of Optis and asked apple to pay $506 million patent royalties to Optis.

In April this year, U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap revoked the previous judgment of the Texas court and asked for a retrial. However, the judge still found that Apple infringed the patent of Optis, but the amount of compensation needs to be reconfirmed through review.


For reviewing the verdict, apple issued a statement saying: "we thank the jury for taking the time, but we are disappointed with the verdict and plan to appeal. Optis does not produce any products. Its only business is to sue companies using its patents. We will continue to oppose their attempts to charge unreasonable patent fees. "

Optis said that the technology involved in the lawsuit is crucial to the implementation of 4G communication standards. Apple's mobile phones, smart watches and tablets all use Optis's patented technology.

It is worth mentioning that the lawsuit in Texas is only a patent lawsuit initiated by Optis against apple. The company also sued apple in the British court, and the British court has ruled that Apple infringed two patented technologies of Optis.

It is reported that if Apple loses the lawsuit, it may have to pay a huge compensation of 5 billion pounds to Optis.

In this regard, Apple's lawyer said in July that this amount is commercially unacceptable. If the British court upheld the judgment of high compensation, Apple may choose to withdraw from the British market.

The patent dispute between apple and Optis in the UK has not been finalized, and the final judgment will be determined in 2022.

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