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In order to improve the social awareness of intellectual property, expand the publicity coverage and enhance the public awareness of intellectual property, IPPC intellectual property professional alliance actively organized hkipx, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and other member units. On the occasion of mother's day, yesterday, we jointly launched an intellectual property publicity activity in Tai Po, Hong Kong, with the theme of "protection, innovation and development".


Shirly Ling, chief executive of hkipx Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Maisy Kung, karis Tsui, KT Wu and other members of IPPC intellectual property professional alliance participated in the publicity activities.

The first is to strengthen the online and offline publicity of intellectual property. All member units take the initiative to create a good intellectual property cultural atmosphere by using their own advantages. Second, work together to boost the publicity climax. Publicity and protection of intellectual property rights, on-site for the masses to answer how to register trademarks, apply for patents, how to identify infringement and piracy and other knowledge. Third, encourage the innovation and development of intellectual property. Strengthen the use of intellectual property rights, realize the value of intellectual property rights, support enterprises to "go out" and stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society.


According to members of IPPC intellectual property professional alliance, "since its establishment, IPPC has been committed to providing an exchange and cooperation platform for the creation, application, service and management of intellectual property rights of alliance enterprises or members. In 2021, different types of intellectual property education and publicity activities will be carried out to enhance the public's awareness of intellectual property protection. IPPC will continue to promote the protection of intellectual property rights to consolidate the long-term contribution of Hong Kong's knowledge-based economy. "

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