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On the morning of March 8, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange held the curtain ceremony of re depiction of works of haohejun in Taiwan and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and Guangzhou Taihetang Art Co., Ltd. in Taihe Tang, Guangzhou.


Mr. Liang Shixiong, Professor of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, famous Chinese landscape painting group and Mrs. Rong Pu; Professor of famous landscape painter, Professor of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, Professor haohejun, leading role of painting exhibition; Wu Gaolin, chairman of board of directors of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange; Li Zhanhua, honorary chairman of Guangdong Collector Association; chairman of Public Welfare Promotion Association for caring artists in Guangdong Province, Taihetang Art Association of Guangzhou He Junhua, chairman of the company, and more than 300 art lovers and collectors, including Luoyuan and wurongchuan, the general planner of the works of haohejun Taiwan, attended the event.


At the event site, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and Guangzhou Taihetang Art Co., Ltd. jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides will launch in-depth cooperation in the marketing and sales of the works of haohejun Taiwan, marking the acceleration of the promotion of the works of haohejun in all parts of the country and opening a new situation.


"Haohejun's works in Taiwan" has a span of more than 20 years. It shows the beautiful scenery and long history of Taiwan in a panoramic way. It has unique irreplaceable artistry, history and integrity, and is absolutely a feast for art appreciation. Professor Hao Hejun shared his life in Taiwan personally. He recalled: "recalling the life in Taiwan has been seen and shocked by these works, because it is impossible to transcend the past again now. Its flexibility and uniqueness are irreplaceable! After the epidemic, I will visit all over the world to visit sketch. Because art is alive. Only by constantly contacting the world, all things and nature can I make unique and vigorous art works. What's more, my first intention in making these paintings is to promote Chinese culture and Chinese art and contribute to promoting cross-strait cultural exchanges and peaceful reunification. "


Professor Hao Hejun's dedication to art and love for his motherland are really admirable! In a speech, Wu Gaolin, chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, said: "the issue of the works of Hao Hejun Taiwan by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange is mainly to see the great significance of these paintings in this special historical period of the Chinese nation. Its purpose is to promote Chinese culture, tell Chinese stories, show the beautiful scenery and cultural history of Baodao Taiwan to the world, and actively promote China The Chinese art has gone to the international market and promoted cultural exchanges between the two sides. The development of a country needs both strong material and spiritual strength. For a country, culture is image and soft power; for a nation, culture is soul and flag. Therefore, the works of haohejun in Taiwan are of great significance to the development of history, to the strategy of building culture and strengthening the national movement. "

"Culture is prosperous, and culture is strong and national is strong. Without high cultural confidence, without the prosperity of culture, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. " Culture is always a reflection of social life and social existence. How the development trend of a country and whether the National Games are prosperous play a crucial role in the level of cultural development and quality.

It is understood that in recent years, people are willing to invest about 20% of their assets in the field of culture, especially art. Therefore, our cultural awareness has gradually strengthened. Mr. Li Zhanhua, honorary chairman of Guangdong Collector Association and librarian of the cultural and Historical Museum of Guangdong Provincial People's government, put forward that "printmaking experience" was put forward when commenting on the current social usability and collection value of the re engraved works from the perspective of collection and Investment: "printmaking experience" The technology of woodblock, Koro and simulation spray painting has been achieved to the extent of falsehood. So it is very important to purchase and collect limited edition with the price of 1% or even 1 / 1000 of the original works. Judging from the angle of artistic appreciation, the prints produced by modern technology can be almost fake and true; therefore, from the perspective of appreciation value, limited edition is almost no different from the original. Limited edition has a huge appreciation space in the art market because of the artist's signature and unique number. Because the limited print price is close to the people, famous calligraphy and painting works have entered thousands of households in the form of limited edition. It can beautify the living environment of the public and also have a huge appreciation space. It is the best time to invest in re engraving works! "

Mr. hejunhua, chairman of Guangdong Association for the promotion of public welfare for caring artists, introduced the values of the works in the re carving on the spot. He Junhua shared integrity, justice and positive energy, and got the unanimous praise of the guests on the spot. After the speech, the guests quickly took one of the pictures from the wall and bought them. "Haohejun Taiwan works" was subscribed for on the spot!

The art exhibition event is a symbol of another important milestone in the global distribution of the works of haohejun Taiwan. We are deeply aware of the great responsibility, glorious mission, and are committed to promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and art!


Congratulations on the successful success of the opening ceremony of the re portrayal of haohejun Taiwan works and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and Guangzhou Taihe Tang Art Co., Ltd!

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