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Dear colleagues

happy new year!

Welcome back to work! At the beginning of the 2022 new year, everything recovers. With the beginning of the journey of the new year, I would like to open this letter to all who have been dedicated to the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange. I wish your family happiness, harmonious and healthy life and smooth work!

In the past year, we have been busy for a whole year. We have paid, contributed and gained. The past year was also a landmark year in the history of the party and the country. The Communist Party of China ushers in its centennial birthday and the historical intersection of "two centenaries"; The 14th five year plan has been implemented, and the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country has embarked on a new journey. The past year has been a year of hard work for all of us at the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange. In 2021, the world has ushered in historic opportunities and challenges. Intellectual property and global politics, economy, legal system, science and technology, finance, talents and consumption continue to surge across borders. People have attached importance to intellectual property and believe that it can produce great economic value.

Intellectual property and economy novel coronavirus pneumonia has a sustained impact on the global economy, but it has not stopped the voyage of our enterprises. The data show that the ability of Chinese enterprises to further layout their overseas intellectual property rights is further enhanced.

——Intellectual property and legal system: building a country ruled by law and consolidating the fundamentals of intellectual property development. Intellectual property infringement should not be condoned, and intellectual property protection should really go out of the "black hole"! Intellectual property is no longer just the "patent" of writers and scientific researchers. More and more people have realized that a picture taken casually is also intellectual property, and they are also protected by law. "World Intellectual Property Day", "intellectual property court", "intellectual property judge", "Intellectual Property Institute" and "intellectual property education base" were established with the same original intention.

——Intellectual property and Politics: on September 22, 2021, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the outline for the construction of a powerful intellectual property country (2021-2035), which comprehensively promoted the construction of a powerful intellectual property country, comprehensively improved the creation, application, protection, management and service level of intellectual property, and gave full play to the important role of the intellectual property system in the construction of socialist modernization.

——Intellectual property and technology: during the epidemic period, by accelerating the upgrading and transformation of information system and optimizing the management of review cycle, an online work mode suitable for epidemic prevention and control was established, and the review quality and efficiency were effectively improved. In addition, all localities have timely introduced facilitation relief measures involving online business handling, right restoration and reducing material submission, and opened a "green channel" for intellectual property applications involving the epidemic to speed up the review. Technological changes have effectively stimulated the vitality of market innovation and played a positive role in hedging the impact of the epidemic.

——Intellectual property and Finance: intellectual property financial services bring real "real gold and silver" to enterprises to help them tide over the difficulties of the epidemic. By strengthening policy guidance, optimizing registration services, strengthening exchanges and docking, and innovating financial products, remarkable results have been achieved in financial services such as intellectual property pledge financing.

——Intellectual property and talent: intellectual property talent work, adhere to the goal orientation and demand orientation, vigorously carry out intellectual property talent training, pay close attention to the training of intellectual property managers, strengthen the training of enterprise intellectual property talents, organize the training of patent agents and carry out joint training of intellectual property rights; And further promote the construction of intellectual property talent training carrier, strengthen the construction of Intellectual Property Institute, strengthen the construction of intellectual property training base, and promote the construction of intellectual property distance education platform; In addition, optimize and improve the evaluation and management of intellectual property talents, do a good job in the reform of intellectual property title system, carry out the evaluation of intellectual property talents, and strengthen the management of intellectual property talent pool. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has actively reached strategic cooperation with domestic universities and colleges; From September 7 to 8, 2021, we and Futian regulatory bureau of Shenzhen market supervision administration specially hired well-known experts in the field of intellectual property to grandly hold the "Shenzhen Intellectual Property chief operating officer CIPO Forum (Futian)", which is the first professional forum with the theme of "intellectual property chief operating officer CIPO" in China.

——Intellectual property and consumption: looking back on China's consumer market in 2021, science and technology has changed people's way of life, and companies represented by intangible consumption are listed together. Intangible assets, including copyright, patent and digital assets, have quickly become the representative of the close combination of intellectual property and consumption. Intellectual property has entered the stage of branding and securitization in the C-end consumer group.

Throughout 2021, China's intellectual property has become an important topic in the fields of politics, economy, legal system, science and technology, finance, talent and consumption. Intellectual property has become the core system factor of reform and opening up.

From the beginning of its establishment, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has firmly believed that knowledge is power, knowledge is wealth, and intellectual property is the last unexplored human wealth in the world. Our purpose is to help enterprises find value, make use of value, and create wealth for themselves and society. From 2012 to now, the standardized products of intellectual property rights have always become the main topic we have studied and conquered. This is also the "retail game" in which we adhere to our original intention and abandon cultural assets, precious metals and bulk commodities, postal currency cards and digital currencies as hot spots and idle funds. A gentleman loves wealth, takes it in a proper way, regards it in a proper way, and uses it in a restrained way. We always believe that the process of creating wealth must be beneficial to the country and the people first, and finally to ourselves.

I still firmly believe that no pains, no gains, step by step. In 2022, we will focus on development, performance and talents. Therefore, each of us should cut through difficulties, dare to explore and create new achievements! In 2022, our action, execution, cohesion, influence, performance ability, service ability, innovation ability and learning ability need to be upgraded. We should speak with achievements, do things with attitude and be a man with quality! In 2022, we need to have the spirit of craftsman, do every little thing well, do it realistically, do what we say and do what we do!

In 2022, we will usher in the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange. This is a historic year. Together with all colleagues of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, I will continue to swagger, work together and go all out to achieve the goal of the second decade. I also sincerely hope that you will have a good year of the tiger!

The new situation and new tasks put forward new challenges and new requirements for intellectual property work. Only by working hard and persistently can we live up to history, the times and the people!

Open the firewood door, the first ray of dawn appears in front of us. We embrace the future of knowledge economy and welcome the new era of IP, "life's too short to think small". Make use of our accumulated experience for many years and the achievements of intellectual property standardization we have studied to serve the society, enterprises and the public wholeheartedly. Global IP, share the world!

Chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange

Wu Gaolin

January 1, 2022

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