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Dear colleagues:

A new year, a new beginning!

Welcome back to flight for the dream again! At the beginning of the new year 2021, with all things recovering and with the start of the new year, I would like to dedicate this greeting letter to all of you who have been dedicated to the HKIPX. Wish you a happy family, a harmonious and healthy life, and good luck in your work!

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary and critical year,We’ve been through a severe trial of epidemic,But in the face of difficulties, we all set a firm goal to forge ahead, and achieved good results on more thoughtful in customer service, steady progress in business side and achieved a qualitative leap in public relations and so on. 2020 China and the world's intellectual property sector have ushered in a historic opportunity and challenge,Major events such as the "Sino US trade war" of the world's first and second largest countries have made "IP" cross-border with global politics, economy, legal system, science and technology, finance, talent and consumption. People suddenly realize that this looming IP, if any, can set off a huge wave in the world, with the great value.

----Intellectual Property and Economy: even COVID-19 has impact the global economy seriously, but it has not prevented Chinese enterprises from “Going to sea”. The data shows that the overseas intellectual property distribution ability of Chinese enterprises is further strengthened. In addition, in 2020, countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative”route strengthened their patent distribution in China, with 23,000 patent applications for inventions in China, an increase of 3.9% year-on-year.

---Intellectual Property and Legal System: building a country under the rule of law and strengthening the fundamentals of intellectual property development.Intellectual property infringement can not be tolerated, and we should really let intellectual property protection out of the "black hole"! Intellectual property is no longer just the ‘patent’ of writers and researchers. More and more people have realized that a picture taken at will is also intellectual property, and they are also protected by law. The original intention of the establishment of ‘World Intellectual Property Day’, ‘Intellectual Property Court’, ‘Intellectual Property Judge’ and ‘Intellectual Property Institute’ is the same.

----Intellectual Property and Politics: In 2020, china-us relations entered into the second stage of negotiation, and the two countries faces more differences and contradictions. The long-term and complicated game between China and the United States in the field of economy and trade contributes to the rise of trade protectionism and economic nationalism in the world. Although  "Sino US trade war" is showing signs of a rational retreat, the international focus on Globalisation and global governance is clearly giving way to a focus on great power relations, geopolitics and a weak economic order in the neoliberalism. The  "Sino US trade war" is a battle over intellectual property rights. In the economic and trade agreement, the two sides reached consensus on strengthening intellectual property rights protection.

----Intellectual Property and Science and Technology: During the epidemic period, the review quality and efficiency were effectively improved by speeding up the upgrade of information system, optimizing the management of review cycle and establishment of an on-line working mode suitable for epidemic prevention and control. In addition, all localities have promptly introduced measures to facilitate relief, such as online business handling, rights restoration and reduction in material submission, and have opened “Green channels”for intellectual property applications related to epidemic situations to expedite examination. Science and technology change the way, effectively stimulated the market innovation vitality, played a positive role in hedging the impact of the epidemic.

 ----Intellectual Property and Finance: 218 billion! Intellectual Property Financial Services, for enterprises to bring real “Real money”to help them tide over the epidemic. Through strengthening policy guidance, optimizing registration services, strengthening exchanges and connecting, and innovating financial products, significant results have been achieved in financial services such as intellectual property pledge and financing.

 ----Intellectual Property and Talents: Intellectual property personnel work, adhere to the goal-oriented and demand-oriented, vigorously carry out intellectual property personnel training, we will do a good job in the training of intellectual property management personnel, strengthen the training of intellectual property personnel in enterprises, organize training for patent agents, and carry out joint training in intellectual property rights. We will also press ahead with the development of carriers for training intellectual property personnel, we will strengthen the construction of intellectual property institutes, strengthen the construction of intellectual property training bases, and promote the construction of a platform for distance education in intellectual property, In addition, we will optimize and improve the evaluation and management of intellectual property talents, do a good job in the reform of the intellectual property title system, carry out the evaluation of intellectual property talents, and strengthen the management of the intellectual property talent pool. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has actively signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou Sias College, set up “Zhengzhou Sias College-hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange”, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern University School of Intellectual Property, ELITE INNOVATION COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE LTD, and other universities to achieve strategic cooperation; On December 3-4,2020, we took the lead in holding “CIPO training for chief operating officer of Intellectual Property”together with Futian Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration, opened up a national intellectual property rights high-end operation of personnel training precedent.

--Intellectual Property and Consumption: Looking back at China’s consumer market in 2020, technology has changed the way people live, epitomised by the rush to list companies represented by invisible consumption, the intangible asset, including copyright, patents and digital assets, has rapidly become a representative of the close integration of intellectual property and consumption, and intellectual property has entered the stage of branding and securitization among the C end consumer groups.

 Looking back at 2020, China's intellectual property has become an important topic in the fields of politics, economy, legal system, science and technology, finance, talent and consumption, intellectual property has become the core system factor connecting the past and the future of reform and opening up.

Since its establishment, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has always believed that knowledge is power and knowledge is wealth. Intellectual property is the last unexplored human wealth in the world. Our purpose is to help enterprises discover value, make use of value, and create wealth for ourselves and society. From 2012 to now, the Standard Intellectual Property Products has always been the main topic of our research, which is also our original desire,and we abandoned the ‘retail game’ in which cultural assets, precious metals and bulk commodities, post money cards and digital currencies as changing hot spots and capital idling. Gentlemen love wealth, take it in a proper way, see it in a proper way, and use it in a proper way. We always believe that the process of wealth creation must be first beneficial to the country and the people, and then to ourselves.

I still believe that no pains, no gains, one step at a time. 2021 we grasp development, performance, a grasp of talent, so each of us have to break through the thorns, the courage to open up, and create good results! 2021, our power of action, implementation, cohesion, influence, performance, service ability, innovation, learning ability needs to be upgraded again, with the results speak, with the attitude to do things, with the quality of life! 2021, we need to have the spirit of the craftsman, the Every Little Thing to do a good deed, words, deeds, results!

2021, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) , and we will work together with all our colleagues of the HKIPX to achieve the goal of China’s industrialization level comprehensive index reached 100 and achieve industrialize! I also sincerely hope that you will learn from the working spirit of the Ox, its Down to Earth and its hard work; its perseverance and hard work; its devotion to duty and dedication; the old ox is easy to understand the time is expensive, it will works industrious without any urge.! The journey is long, but the struggle!  

Opening the door and catching the first glimpse of dawn, we embrace the future of knowledge economy and the new era of IP, ‘Life's too short to think small’. Empowered with years of experience and taking advantages of success of our study on the IP standardization, we shall wholeheartedly serve the society, the business and the public. Global IP, Share the Globe!



The Chairman of the Board of HKIPX

  Colin Wu

January 1, 2021


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