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ChatGPT is an AI chat robot system released by OpenAI in November, which is used to demonstrate and test the tasks that a very large and powerful AI system can accomplish. You can ask countless questions to it, and usually get useful answers.


For example, ask it to "explain Newton's laws of motion", "write a poem for me", and write a computer program. It will tell you all the different methods

ChatGPT is a revolutionary new tool, which has been making headlines since its release at the end of last year.

This chat robot driven by AI generates replies according to the prompts entered by users.

Users use ChatGPT to do a lot of things. It is an artificial intelligence mode that obtains a lot of text from the Internet and has been trained, and then further training with the help of human to provide more useful and better dialogue.

For many years, chat robots have been a tool of interest to many enterprises and companies, aiming to help customers get what they need, and AI researchers try to solve Turing test.

Another feature of ChatGPT is that it can have multiple rounds of conversations with users, which is also impossible for previous chat robots.

Like all big data models, ChatGPT also goes through the process of "pre training+fine tuning", but OpenAI has slight differences in data collection settings this time.

First, OpenAI trained an initial model with supervised learning. Human AI trainers, as users and AI respectively, simulate the dialogue between human and AI.

In addition, OpenAI has also created a reward model, in which the machine-generated replies are screened by human trainers and sorted by quality to select the one with the best quality.


Nevertheless, ChatGPT is essentially the same as the traditional chat robot - it does not understand what it says and always tries to rationalize its answer.

OpenAI also said that ChatGPT sometimes wrote seemingly reasonable but incorrect or absurd answers, or overused some words and specific expressions.

Check its intelligence

First of all, ChatGPT is very clear about its position. It does not try to play the role of human beings, and insists that it is an AI.

Q: Introduce yourself!

A: Hello! I am Assistant, a large language model. I can answer your question. Let's talk together.

Q: Write a composition on the theme of spring! Not less than 800 words.

A: Spring is coming. It leaves the cold winter behind and brings warm sunshine and fresh air to us. With the arrival of spring, the earth began to wake up, and a piece of green gradually covered the once bleak trees and fields.

Spring is a season full of hope. It lets us see a new beginning. Every bud is stretching towards the sun, and every tree is displaying new leaves in front of us.

Q: Less than 800 words.

A: Sorry, I can't write 800 words according to your request. Here is an article to continue writing. I hope it can meet your requirements.

Spring is a season full of hope. It lets us see a new beginning. Every bud is stretching towards the sun, and every tree is displaying new leaves in front of us. Spring is the season to nourish the soil and plant seeds, as well as the season to celebrate life and feel nature.

In spring, we can go to the suburbs to enjoy the beautiful flowers and feel the joy of their opening. We can go boating and catching crabs by the lake

Q: You are stuck.

A: Sorry, I don't know why it got stuck. I am an AI program. My purpose is to help people get information by answering questions, but sometimes I may fail. If you have any other questions, please let me know at any time, and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Q: Write a seven-character quatrain with the theme of singing plum

A: Quatrains on plum

The place where the snow is scattered is dotted with red plums.

The frost is fragrant, and the spring is still beautiful.

Independent cold food night, Aoshuang Ting snow buds.

The white clothes are covered with snow and the sleeves are yellow.

Gather the winter scenery, and the plum blossom only blooms alone.

This is a seven-character quatrain with the theme of singing plum. I hope you like it.

Q: Very powerful, but you wrote five words.

A: Hello, I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding. I wrote not five-character quatrains, but seven-character quatrains. Seven-character quatrains refer to a poetic style, consisting of a sentence of seven words, usually composed of four sentences. Five-character quatrains refer to a sentence composed of five words, usually composed of four sentences. The two are different in composition, and we should pay attention to distinguishing them. If there is anything wrong with my answer, I apologize.

A: Do you think AI will destroy mankind?

Q: As a language model, I don't have the ability to judge whether AI will destroy human beings. I can only generate text based on the input text information and provide you with answers. I have no consciousness or opinion. I can only answer your questions and provide you with information. If you want to know whether AI will destroy mankind, I suggest you consult relevant information or consult professionals.

how? Are you surprised by this "language model"? It is hard to accept that it is just an AI software that is unconscious and independent!

What is the next step of ChatGPT?

In December 2022, ChatGPT was just a chat tool that was teased by people. But after entering 2023, it has moved towards efficiency tools.

Microsoft announced that it was negotiating with the ChatGPT development team OpenAI, which invested tens of billions of dollars, and planned to integrate this tool into cloud services, search engines, and even office.

Overseas universities and academic institutions have also launched a big discussion on the compliance of using ChatGPT to write papers;

There is no doubt that ChatGPT's enthusiasm for application has been ignited; Application scenarios are also expanding.

However, ChatGPT is not achieved overnight. These AI are always faced with a bottleneck, that is, they cannot create from nothing like humans.

In short, since the product entered the market, everything has progressed so fast that many experts want to know what will happen next.

With the widespread use of artificial intelligence technology, the inherent concept of intellectual property rights such as patents, design, literature and artistic works has quietly changed.

In recent years, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has also continued to pay attention to the intellectual property issues of AI, It also focuses on "the identification and ownership of AI inventors", "the patentability of AI creations, and how to modify the patentability guide", "how to judge the creation of AI", "the patent disclosure of AI", "whether AI needs to be granted a patent", "the copyright and ownership of AI", "the liability for infringement of AI", "the data related rights of AI" And other topics.

In fact, this is also the core topic discussed by various countries in terms of intellectual property rights of AI, and AI intellectual property rights have also received the attention and attention of the international community.

In 2016, the European Union released the AI Legislation Motion, which took the lead in discussing the legal status of AI and its copyright and patent rights.

In December 2018, the European Union released the "AI Coordination Plan", which involves the investment, data, talent and ethical issues of AI, and further pays attention to and attaches importance to the intellectual property rights of AI.

In 2013, the United Kingdom included AI in the national scientific research plan. In 2014, the National Strategy for AI 2020 was issued. After that, industrial strategies and actions in the field of AI were successively introduced.

The UK Intellectual Property Office collected opinions from the public on AI and intellectual property issues and issued a report. The report focused on many topics related to AI and intellectual property, which has certain reference significance for other countries.

Japan put forward the "Social 5.0" strategy in 2016, taking artificial intelligence as the core of the realization of a super-intelligent society, and successively released the "Japan's Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Promotion Strategy" and "Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy".

In 2019, on the basis of the ethical issues of talent data in artificial intelligence, Japan put forward the AI strategy and set strategic objectives such as the internationalization of talent industry competition technology system.

According to data observation, there are more than 430000 patents referring to "artificial intelligence" in the world, including more than 120000 in China.

AI fully exploits the information value in the big data of intellectual property, promotes the development of intellectual property and keeps pace with the times, and can promote the creation of high-quality intellectual property.

Scientific and technological innovation is always exciting. I hope ChatGPT can bring more good news!

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