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On August 26, 2022, the Qingpu District People's Procuratorate of Shanghai indicted He Yong for the crime of illegally manufacturing registered trademark marks.
Without authorization, he and others illegally manufactured more than 10 million registered trademarks of sanitary napkin brands such as "love life"; There are more than 1 million brand logos of haifeisi and Pantene, most of which have been sold to the next home.
微信图片_20220913211242.jpgMr. He worked in a number of packaging factories in Shanghai, and mastered the systematic skills of trademark logo production. In 2021, after his resignation, he rented a factory and registered and operated a packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. by himself.
However, he does not intend to do business seriously. In June 2021, he met the man of Li Mou (who is under investigation) at the exhibition. The two immediately became one and started the "Shanzhai" business.
Knowing that He Yong did not have relevant qualifications, Li entrusted him to make a total of 2 million sets of "love life" brand women's sanitary napkins. In order to make money, he immediately invested in typesetting and production. According to Li's requirements, he meticulously made two modes of trademark logos, one big and one small. Li was very satisfied.
Since then, the two have cooperated for many times, and he has also begun to take orders from other companies, making 100000 sanitary napkin trademarks including "Qian toudou", "perfect" and "Yong Yulan".
In order to expand the scale, he also recruited 7 employees to take up the posts of finance, purchasing raw materials, arranging delivery and so on. These employees did not know that the boss was engaged in criminal activities, and inadvertently assisted in the production and sale of a large number of forged registered trademarks.
At the end of 2021, He Yong's desire to make money could not be satisfied only by making sanitary napkin brand trademarks. He also privately undertook the production orders of famous shampoo brand trademarks such as "haifeisi" and "Pantene". In just over a month, his factory illegally produced more than 1 million sets of these two brand logos.
Until January 24, 2022, Qingpu District Public Security Bureau, together with the district market supervision and Administration Bureau, inspected factories in relevant industries. A large number of brand logos such as "love life" and "Pantene" were found in he's factory. After preliminary identification, they were all illegal manufacturing, so he was arrested on the spot. More than 2 million illegal signs for sale and a large number of printed boards and other tools were seized at the scene. After examination, by the time of the case, he had illegally manufactured more than 11 million trademarks, of which nearly 9 million had been sold and shipped, and he had made a profit of more than 500000 yuan.
After examination, he and others forged the registered trademark logo without authorization. The circumstances were particularly serious. His behavior had violated the criminal law of the people's Republic of China. The procuratorial organ prosecuted him.
The prosecutor said: according to the provisions of article 215 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, Whoever forges or makes without authorization another person's registered trademark logo or sells the forged or made without authorization registered trademark logo, if the circumstances are especially serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 3 years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined.
Although the trademark mark of a commodity is not of great value and is not a commodity subject, it not only infringes intellectual property rights, but also constitutes the crime of illegally manufacturing registered trademark marks, which is a serious illegal and criminal act. The processing and manufacturing of commodity packaging must have relevant qualifications and authorization, and we must not focus on seeking profits and fall into the abyss of crime.

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