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Recently, the progress of the two "petal payment" trademarks applied by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. has been changed to "registered". The two trademarks were applied in October 2020, and are internationally classified as financial property management and scientific instruments. In addition, Huawei applied for the trademark of "petal payment" for scientific instruments again in December 2021. At present, the status of the trademark is awaiting substantive examination.


Huawei acquired all the shares of xunlian Zhifu in March 2021 in order to obtain the payment license of this company. Since then, Huawei has the qualification to enter the payment field.

Many people speculate that wechat and Alipay are going to meet strong competitors, and Huawei will share the mobile payment market. Recently, Ma Chuanyong, President of Huawei terminal cloud service payment Bu, explained Huawei's payment business development strategy in detail for the first time. He said that Huawei payment is positioned as an innovative full scene payment platform, not standard wechat payment, Alipay, etc.


Huawei accelerates payment ecosystem layout

When it comes to mobile payment, most people think of wechat and Alipay. Behind these two companies are Tencent and Alibaba. Wechat, as a social networking giant, has a good user base advantage and pays money while chatting.

As an ecological product of Alibaba system, Alipay is like a duck to water in the e-commerce market. With the passage of time, wechat and Alipay have become the two leading players in the mobile payment market, sharing the benefits equally with the world.

Although there are cloud flash payment, QQ payment and other mobile payment products on the market, they still fail to shake their position. Until Huawei got the payment license, people all over the world speculated that the mobile payment market pattern would change.


It seems that it is not difficult for a company as large as Huawei to enter the mobile payment market, but it is surprising that Huawei has not laid out its online and offline mobile payment field for almost a year and a half after obtaining the payment license. The expected situation of using Huawei to pay to supermarkets has not appeared.

Maybe you were wrong at the beginning. Huawei payment has no idea of entering the mobile payment market. Huawei made it clear that Huawei payment does not compete with wechat and Alipay. The role of Huawei payment is to expand the increment of payment scenarios. In the future, more scenarios will be explored based on Hongmeng OS.


I believe you can understand why Huawei payment will not compete with wechat and Alipay, because Huawei payment is not the same type of product with them at all.

Huawei payment is only a supplement to Hongmeng's ecological infrastructure. In addition to users of Huawei mobile phones and Hongmeng OS ecological products, most people actually have no access to Huawei payment, and it is impossible to cover all fields of payment scenarios like wechat and Alipay.

Therefore, even if Huawei payment does not participate in the mobile payment market, it can accelerate the payment ecological layout on the basis of Hongmeng OS. Facts have proved that Huawei has the ability to do this, because Huawei payment has achieved good results.


According to public information, Huawei has won two trademarks of "petal payment", and the trademark progress shows that it is "registered". However, there is another trademark of "petal payment" applied for on December 9, 2021, which is awaiting substantive examination. However, with the two payment trademarks, it will be more convenient for Huawei to lay out the payment field in the future.


In addition, Huawei's monthly active users of payment have exceeded 100million, which shows that the layout of Huawei's payment ecosystem is very smooth. With the support of these users, Hongmeng developers and Hongmeng intelligent terminal equipment manufacturers can benefit.

What is the significance of Huawei's layout of the payment track?

It is a wise choice for Huawei not to compete with wechat and Alipay. On the one hand, Huawei has no idea of competition. Entering the mobile payment market does not benefit Huawei much, and it is difficult to stand out from wechat and Alipay.

On the other hand, Huawei pays more attention to the ecological construction of Hongmeng OS.

Hongmeng system has been successfully built. With the basic framework, more than 240million users have upgraded Hongmeng equipment. Therefore, Huawei needs to strive to improve the ecological construction, so as to attract more developers and let users stay.


Take Google and apple, the two major operating system manufacturers, for example, why can they succeed? Why are there tens of millions of developers and billions of users of Android and IOS operating systems? The reason is that they have a complete ecosystem.

From the operating system to application services, it can be said to be complete. Huawei now has Hongmeng operating system, but it is not enough. Application services include a wide range of functions, and the payment system is the lowest and most important root service.

Therefore, Huawei's layout of the payment track is of great significance, which is conducive to the real rise of Hongmeng system ecosystem, so that Hongmeng system users can meet payment needs.


Because it is a part of Hongmeng ecosystem, it is most important to do a good job in the root service foundation. Huawei payment will not pursue too much market share, nor does it have the idea of dividing up a share of the mobile payment market. It is more about improving Hongmeng ecosystem and realizing business closed-loop.

Although Huawei pays more than 100million monthly active users, it still has a long way to go. At present, there is still a certain gap between Huawei payment and Google payment, and apple payment. With the rise of Hongmeng ecosystem, the gap between Huawei payment and foreign payment products will be smaller and smaller.


Huawei's efforts alone are not enough. At critical moments, it also needs the support of domestic third-party application platforms. Of course, whether to introduce Huawei payment depends on the wishes of all parties. If Huawei payment can be supported, it will be of great benefit to the ecological development of Hongmeng operating system.

Huawei payment has only been released for more than a year, but it has exceeded 100million active users. It shows that the market potential of Huawei payment is very large. The more so, the more helpful it will be to help Hongmeng ecological construction. It is expected that Hongmeng operating system can realize the all-round ecological rise and bring a better life to people.

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