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"Between us, there will always be lighthouses and shores, stars shining on the road ahead, brilliant achievements, and the lights in the Middle Bay area will never be cold in the long night..." July 1, 2022, is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. In order to create a strong celebration atmosphere, China Central Radio and Television Corporation planned and produced the theme song "we will be better" MV to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, which was launched on June 24.

This song "we will be better", sung by Joey Yung, Tony Chan, Vivien Tam and Sun Nan, is fresh, vibrant and catchy, fully demonstrating the confidence and expectations of all walks of life in Hong Kong for "we will be better" in the new era.


The song vividly shows the great achievements Hong Kong has made in actively integrating into the overall situation of national development since the return of China, and fully demonstrates the bright future of the development of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area. With the unique appeal and penetration of music, it conveys the aspirations of Hong Kong compatriots from all walks of life who hope that Hong Kong will be more prosperous, stable and better in the future with its back to the motherland, and enhances the national identity and pride of all sectors of society, especially young people, Encourage more Hong Kong compatriots to develop and forge ahead with the motherland.

The MV of the song recorded the work and life scenes of many Hong Kong compatriots, including Olympic athlete Du Kaiyu, "moving China's 2021 person of the year" Chen BEI'ER, and poverty alleviation participant Liang Anli, who conveyed the common wish of "we will be better" from all walks of life in Hong Kong with vivid stories.

However, the official website of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office found that "we will be better" had not been applied for a registered trademark.


I don't know whether China Central Radio and television has really not protected its trademark, or whether it is in the blind period of trademark inquiry.

However, it is worth mentioning that in recent years, due to the impact of traffic value, various events of rushing to register trademarks in order to rub traffic events and traffic star popularity have sprung up. Where there are hot spots, where there are traffic, where there are trademarks worth rushing to register.

For example, the trademark related to the song "love 105 ℃ you" of the 2021 fire has been registered.

It is understood that the song "love you at 105 ℃" written, composed and sung by ah Si, which was released in 2019, has recently become popular in the music area, dance area and ghost livestock area of station B, and has frequently appeared on the hot search lists of stations B, Tiktok, QQ music and other platforms. Now "love 105 °" and "love 105 ° you" have been rush registered trademarks. The classification of trademarks involves education and entertainment, catering and accommodation, convenience food, advertising sales, etc.


The song of 2019 became popular in 2021, and it was also popular after a large number of cover songs.

Some netizens said that you who love 105 ℃ have been registered with a trademark:

When the fire broke out, everything began to be robbed. It was so enforced that it took a long time to get the trademark back.

There are a lot of things like seizing trademarks. Either seizing or engaging in a similar business can't understand

The brand is popular, and the trademark layout is insufficient, which will eventually leave hidden dangers! Whether it is a start-up enterprise or a well-known large-scale enterprise, the development of trademark layout is crucial. Once the trademark is registered, no matter which solution is adopted, it will be laborious and costly; It is better to prepare for a rainy day than to make up for it. Compared with taking rights protection measures after the event, doing a good job in trademark layout in advance and avoiding the risk of trademark registration or infringement is the best solution to escort the brand to the sea.

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