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Relevant trademarks of "menghualu" have been registered


On June 2, "Meng Hua Lu", starring Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao, was broadcasted on Tencent video. Within half an hour of its launch, it topped the popular list of cat's eye series, with nearly 700million broadcasts in five days. Douban scored 8.3, becoming the highest score for domestic dramas in 2022, and then climbed all the way to 8.8. Nearly 60% of the audience gave five-star praise, setting off a revival of ancient idol drama.

The play started shooting in February 2021, finished in July 2021 and premiered on June 2 this year. According to the trademark website, there are 25 "menghualu" related trademarks, and the international classification involves paint, hand-made equipment, transportation tools, etc. The three production companies of "menghualu": Penguin film and television, golden media and Yuanxi film and television have not applied for the trademark of "menghualu". The author believes that the relevant trademarks of "menghualu" applied for later than February 2021 may rush to register the trademarks of others.


The applicant Sichuan menghualu Fashion Design Co., Ltd. applied for 5 "menghualu" trademarks, including 20 categories, 26 categories, 41 categories, 42 categories and 45 categories.

According to the inquiry, the costume design guide of the TV drama "menghualu" is Huang Wei, who is the legal person of Yichuang business consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. the nine enterprises Huang Wei works for do not include Sichuan menghualu Costume Design Co., Ltd.


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In addition to the title of the play, zhaopan'er, the heroine of the play, has long been registered as a trademark.

According to the trademark website, during the period from February 16 to May 17, 2022, the applicant "huangchunyan" has applied for 6 "zhaopaner" trademarks, 1 class 5 trademark, 2 class 3 trademarks and 3 class 25 trademarks.


Sun Sanniang, the character in the play, could not escape the fate of being robbed of the trademark. As early as february9,2010, Beijing jiangshangweng catering management center applied for 43 types of trademarks, and the current trademark status is invalid.


The CP names of zhaopaner, the female host, and guqianfan, the male host, gupanshenghui and gupanshengzi, have also been applied for registration.

Up to now, "gupanshenghui" has been applied for 9 trademarks, and the international classification includes advertising sales, catering and accommodation, food, medicine, etc.


The nickname of CP powder "Gupan Shengzi" is currently applied for only 3.


Popular dramas have been registered one after another, as have the stars and actors who have attracted much attention. According to the inquiry, four trademarks related to "Liu Yifei" have been applied for, and the registered trademarks include 16497091 and 6178532.

Among them, the 16497091 trademark was successfully registered to serve the organization of performances (performances); Arrange and organize concerts; Organizing fashion shows for entertainment purposes; Schools (Education), etc; The 6178532 trademark serves health care; Gardening; manicure; Tattoo; Massage; Steam bath; Barber Shop; Sanatorium; Beauty Salon; Diet and nutrition guidance, etc.




In recent years, trademark registration events around film and television plays and the names of related characters have occurred from time to time. Film and television play is a combination of cultural value and commercial value. An excellent film and television play can not only win high broadcast volume and high audience rating, but also contain business opportunities for developing derivatives and peripheral services. Seizing the opportunity to make a reasonable trademark layout for the works and the names of relevant roles in time can not only effectively prevent others from seizing the trademark registration after the works become popular, but also lay a trademark right foundation for the development of diversified derivatives and peripheral services in the future.

The names of film and television works and related roles often contain high commercial value. The higher the popularity of film and television works and related roles, the higher the commercial value of related names. The rights and interests of film and television works, especially the producer, producer or distributor, shall plan in advance, timely make a reasonable trademark layout for the name of the works and related roles, and actively safeguard their rights in case of malicious preemption.

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