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On June 16, according to foreign media reports, the Audi brand under Volkswagen Group has filed a lawsuit against Weilai automobile in Munich court, accusing it of infringing Audi's trademark right. Audi said that Wei Lai decided to name its two models ES6 and es8, which infringed the trademark rights of the two Audi models S6 and S8.



On June 17, in response to the reporter of the daily economic news, Audi China said that the Audi headquarters believed that the model name selected by the company in the European market mentioned by the outside world infringed the trademark right of the Audi brand in Europe. This matter remains to be clarified at the legal level. Wei Lai, as of press time, had no response.

In May, 2021, velai released its Norwegian strategy, announced its official entry into the Norwegian market, and established a complete operation system consisting of cars, services, digitalization and lifestyle, marking its first step towards entering markets outside China.

In January this year, the second Weilai power exchange station was officially put into operation in Norway. With the layout of sales channels and the construction of charging and replacing infrastructure, velai launched its first model, the new es8, in Norway.

According to the public data, as of May 31, Weilai had registered 404 es8 vehicles in the Norwegian market this year, and there are still 604 es8 vehicles waiting for delivery. According to the plan, the second model et7 will be delivered in Norway in the second half of 2022.


"The logic of Weilai's entry into the Norwegian market is the same as that of the domestic market, and it adopts a top-down strategy." Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, once told reporters that the follow-up company will launch more models including ES6 and ec6 according to the actual market demand in Norway.

On the evening of June 16, qinlihong, co-founder and President of Weilai, also announced that the layout of Weilai's exchange station in Europe has been fully opened. At present, velai has built a power plant in Hungary, and the factory director has completed his induction.

According to the plan, while Weilai is further improving the Norwegian market layout and improving user satisfaction, the relevant teams are accelerating the preparation of the product and service system in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

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