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After Ling Na BEI'ER and Bing Dwen Dwen, consumers have a "new favorite", which is the reachable duck in the famous IP Baoke dream. With the toys linked with KFC, it has cute and cute shapes, swings its hands with the magical background music, swipes the screen of duck pictures and videos on the whole network, and boards multiple hot searches.

Magic up to duck full text screen!

Netizen: just right for adults

With the dynamic music, the dancing style of the reachable duck crossing and raising its hands adds a bit of stupidity, plus the funny creativity of online friends. Different types of reachable duck pictures and videos quickly appear on the Internet.


The reachable duck toy, which is popular all over the Internet, is actually one of the toys that KFC matches in the children's Day package launched on May 21 this year. It is found from the small program query of KFC that you can get a random baokemeng co branded toy by purchasing the specified package of 69 to 109 yuan, and Keda duck is one of them.


KFC's official customer service said that the set meal containing reachable duck toys is sold nationwide. It is not clear how much each store is allocated. It is recommended that consumers check it on the mobile ordering interface.

According to the surging news report, a loyal user of KFC IP toys told the reporter that there are many co branded toys in the KFC package, and they have always been very popular, which will raise the expectations of fans every year. "In 2019 and 2020, Kentucky Fried Chicken's 61 package will have reachable duck toys, and this year's ducks are more 'cute' than the previous two years, with higher playability, and two hands can be interchanged. Although there is music every time, compared with the previous ordinary ringtones, the theme of this square dance is easier to get out of the circle."

In addition, the user also said that there are few legitimate authorized baokemeng peripheries in China. It is not easy to get such a large reachable duck peripheries for 69 yuan in foreign countries. A genuine reachable duck doll costs about 200 yuan to 300 yuan for a pendant.

"If KFC gets the set meal, it's really cost-effective. After all, the price of an ordinary blind box is around 59 yuan and 69 yuan." One consumer said.

"The price / performance ratio of the package is high. IP is loved by young people. In addition, short videos add fuel to the flames. Fire is taken for granted." According to a senior toy lover, in addition to the normal publicity and introduction through official channels, the most important part of the joint brand toy package of KFC is the wide-ranging dissemination of short videos, especially the "cute point" of the dancing duck. "Everything I bought is showing videos, and those I didn't buy are also sending videos roast."

A toy enthusiast told the reporter, "now I'm using a short video app, and there are almost 3 out of 10 about this reachable duck. This toy is very funny. At present, people are willing to spread what they want to say through this toy. This may also be the reason why reachable duck is more popular than other toys in this package."

Over the past few days, the shape of reachable duck on social platforms has been continuously upgraded. At first, some netizens pasted notes on toy wings and wrote simple words, such as "get up nucleic acid", "come to play with duck" and "get rich overnight duck". Subsequently, more netizens joined the "duck drying" team, wearing wigs, hairpins, and various decorative components such as "hard core" weapons to reach ducks, constantly upgrading and "unlocking" new playing methods, and making expression packs. Related topics quickly climbed to the hot search, forming a screen brushing effect.

After an IP burst, there are always some people taking advantage of the popularity to rush to register the trademark of Keda duck. Through the official website of the Trademark Office, it is found that there are 50 trademarks related to "reachable duck".


The applicants include Nintendo Co., Ltd., Wuhan ankaixin Trading Co., Ltd., Luyi Wanhe Tiancheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., of which more than 20 related trademarks have been successfully registered. International classifications include advertising sales, catering and accommodation, lamps and air conditioning, etc.

Who does the trademark of reachable duck belong to?

Reachable duck comes from baokemeng, a series of games developed by game freak and creations Co., Ltd. and released by Nintendo. It is part of baokemeng series of media works. Although many people have applied for the trademark of reachable duck, it is fortunate that Nintendo, the owner, has mastered the trademark of category 28 toys of reachable duck.



How to get a "reachable duck"?

Recently, the "reachable duck" is hard to find. According to a second-hand trading platform, the price of KFC reachable duck toys ranges from 100 yuan to 1500 yuan, which is more than n times the price of the package itself.


A toy can arouse such resonance among us, showing that good ideas under the epidemic have brought incredible healing power to the mind that has been "confined" for a long time.

A person in the catering industry said that the rush to buy up reachable ducks under the epidemic has also brought some business enlightenment to catering enterprises struggling to survive under the heavy pressure of the epidemic. Although the store passenger flow has been greatly reduced, through innovative products, marketing and social network communication, it helps to strengthen the emotional interaction with consumers, and greatly boost consumption in the depressed consumption environment, which is a favorite in the industry.

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