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Recently, Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of several college entrance examination related trademarks, including "senior three Bangui", "Wanshi Daji", "Chaoji play", "Keke Jiaji", "Chinese Daji", "mathematics Daji", "English Daji", etc. the international classification is advertising sales, beer and beverage, etc. at present, the trademark status is mostly waiting for substantive review.


Figure source Wanglaoji official account

In the month of college entrance examination, once again arrived again. Wanglaoji applied for the registration of several trademarks related to college entrance examination, such as "wanshidaji", and launched customized cans for college entrance examination, which triggered discussion among netizens.

How's it going?

Before and after the college entrance examination every year, it is an important node for brand marketing. For brands, it is also a "marketing test" to pass five passes and cut six generals.

Last year, during the college entrance examination season, Wanglaoji launched the "college entrance examination auspicious pot" and the "Teacher Appreciation pot" to call candidates, which triggered circle discussions. This year, Wanglaoji launched a customized college entrance examination jar for 2022 college entrance examination students, and launched a college entrance examination blessing TVC to cheer for college entrance examination students.


According to the detailed report of 4A advertising network, compared with the blessing printed on the bottle last year, Wanglaoji has subdivided the scene this year, and has launched three special customized cans, namely "senior three bangji jar", "college entrance examination subject jar" and "ten thousand test Daji jar".


The "senior three Bangui cans" are printed with the class number on each bottle to strengthen the sense of group belonging of the corresponding class. The "senior three Bangui cans" printed with different classes bear witness to the memories of the students' struggle in high school.


"College entrance examination subject pot" includes the subject pot of language and mathematics, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology. Both liberal arts and science students can cheer themselves up with the help of the "college entrance examination subject pot". This kind of subject jar with auspicious words endows the product with the attribute of "good luck".


The "ten thousand test auspicious pot" also skillfully uses homophonic stems to bless the success of the exam and the opening of the exam.


Trademark layout

Wang Laoji's efforts in trademark application must be indispensable in this wave of "whole activities".

Query the application for registration of "Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd." on the China Trademark website. Up to now, the information shows that on May 28, 2022, Wanglaoji applied for the registration of 26 trademarks related to college entrance examination cans.

It mainly includes "senior three Bangui", "Wanshi Daji", "Chaoji play", "Keke Jiaji", "Chinese Daji", "mathematics Daji" and "English Daji", which are internationally classified as advertising sales, beer and beverage, etc. at present, the trademark status is mostly awaiting substantive review.


In fact, at the beginning of this year, Wanglaoji also launched the "hundred family names version". In addition to the original "Wanglaoji", netizens can also choose "Laoji" cans with other surnames, including "Chen Laoji", "Li Laoji", "Shi Laoji", "Ouyang Laoji", etc.

In addition to bringing a new shopping experience to the public, this series of herbal tea has also made great efforts in its own intellectual property rights. According to the query on the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office, the affiliated company of Wanglaoji, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., has applied for the trademark of Laoji since February 2021, which has made a good trademark layout for the products.


Statistics at that time showed that Wanglaoji's affiliated companies had applied for 100 family name series trademarks, of which 90 had been successfully applied for registration; "Huang Laoji" and "shaolaoji" trademark applications have been rejected, and have been shown to be invalid trademarks; And 8 trademarks such as "Chen Laoji", "Liang Laoji" and "Fang Laoji" are shown as "refutation reply in the trial".

However, it is understood that the previous totem cans sold at a very high price, with an average price of 8.25 yuan / bottle. I hope this version of the college entrance examination will be more "conscientious".

The college entrance examination is coming. I also wish all senior three students "great luck in the college entrance examination"!

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