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By 2025, remarkable achievements will be made in the construction of an intellectual property power; By 2035, the comprehensive competitiveness of intellectual property will rank among the forefront in the world, and a world-class intellectual property power with Chinese characteristics will be basically completed.

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the outline for building an intellectual property power (2021-2035), which depicts the grand blueprint for accelerating the construction of an intellectual property power in China. China's transformation from a big country importing intellectual property rights to a big country creating intellectual property rights, and the transformation of intellectual property rights work from pursuing quantity to improving quality have been comprehensively accelerated.

The blueprint is drawn on six key tasks to support the strategy of strengthening the country with intellectual property rights

"Implementing the strategy of strengthening the country with intellectual property rights, responding to the challenges posed by new technology, new economy and new situation to the reform of the intellectual property system, accelerating the reform and development of intellectual property rights and comprehensively improving China's comprehensive strength of intellectual property rights are of great significance to enhance the country's core competitiveness and expand high-level opening to the outside world," said the relevant person in charge of the State Intellectual Property Office.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China's intellectual property protection has made historic achievements. The legal system of intellectual property rights has been gradually improved, and the administrative and judicial protection of intellectual property rights has been significantly strengthened. Social satisfaction with intellectual property protection increased from 63.69 points in 2012 to 80.05 points in 2020.

By the end of 2020, the number of invention patents per 10000 people in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) had reached 15.8, and the number of effective trademark registrations had reached 30.173 million, more than four times that of 2012. Core patents, well-known trademarks, high-quality copyright and high-quality geographical indication products continued to increase.

According to the global innovation index report released by the world intellectual property organization, China's ranking rose from 35th in 2013 to 12th in 2021, rising steadily for nine consecutive years.

"Entering a new stage of development, promoting high-quality development is an inevitable requirement for maintaining sustained and healthy economic development, and the role of intellectual property rights as the core element of national development strategic resources and international competitiveness is more prominent," said the relevant person in charge of the State Intellectual Property Office.

The outline plans to "build an intellectual property system oriented to socialist modernization", "build an intellectual property protection system supporting a world-class business environment", "build an intellectual property market operation mechanism that encourages innovation and development", "build a public service system for intellectual property that is convenient for the people" and "build a humanistic social environment that promotes the high-quality development of intellectual property" The six key tasks of "deep participation in global intellectual property governance".

Strengthen protection, strengthen institutional system construction and improve protection level

Strengthening intellectual property protection is the basis for the development of intellectual property. The outline clearly states that by 2025, intellectual property protection will be more strict, and social satisfaction will reach and maintain a high level; by 2035, the intellectual property system will be complete, and the intellectual property culture consciousness of the whole society will be basically formed.

"In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in protecting intellectual property with unprecedented efforts. According to the outline, in the future, we will pay more attention to the construction and improvement of the intellectual property system and protection system, better meet the growing demand for intellectual property protection, and further improve the level and efficiency of intellectual property protection," said the relevant person in charge of the State Intellectual Property Office.

The outline proposes to build a more perfect intellectual property legal system, management system and policy system, build a timely response and reasonable protection of intellectual property rules in emerging and specific fields, improve the judicial protection system and administrative protection system, and improve the coordinated protection pattern of unified leadership, smooth connection, speed and efficiency.

The outline also pays attention to the construction of the cultural and social environment of intellectual property rights, and promotes the realization of higher level protection and higher quality development of intellectual property rights by improving the cultural consciousness of intellectual property rights in the whole society.

The outline proposes to shape the intellectual property culture concept of respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, integrity, law-abiding and fair competition, build an intellectual property culture communication matrix with novel content, diverse forms and integrated development, and create a more open, positive and dynamic intellectual property talent development environment.

Quality leading creates a powerful engine for high-quality development

Innovation is the first driving force leading development. High quality development puts forward urgent requirements for higher-level creation and more effective application of intellectual property rights.

In this regard, the outline proposes that by 2025, the added value of patent intensive industries will account for 13% of GDP, the added value of copyright industries will account for 7.5% of GDP, the annual total import and export of intellectual property royalties will reach 350 billion yuan, and the number of high-value invention patents per 10000 people will reach 12; by 2035, intellectual property will promote the vigorous development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The relevant person in charge of the State Intellectual Property Office said that the outline highlights "quality leadership". By deepening the reform in the field of intellectual property, we should build a more perfect system and mechanism for market-oriented allocation of factors, give better play to the basic guarantee role of the intellectual property system in stimulating innovation, and provide a steady stream of power for high-quality development.

The outline proposes to improve the high-quality creation mechanism of intellectual property rights with enterprises as the main body and market orientation, improve the application mechanism with efficient and smooth operation and full realization of value, and establish a standardized, orderly and dynamic market-oriented operation mechanism. It also requires to strengthen the public service supply of intellectual property rights and establish an information service model with data standards, resource integration and efficient utilization.

"China will also promote the in-depth integration and development of intellectual property rights with the economy, science and technology, culture, society and other aspects, so as to contribute to achieving higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable and safer development and meeting the growing needs of the people for a better life," said the relevant person in charge of the State Intellectual Property Office. (Zhang Quan, Wen Jinghua, Xinhua News Agency)

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