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The Shanghai Pujiang international cloud Forum on intellectual property and the Yangtze River Delta Cooperation Conference on intellectual property were held in Zhangjiang Science City on April 16 and 17, 2021.


Tianlipu, former director of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, Wang Xianmin, vice president of the Promotion Association for South South cooperation of the Ministry of foreign affairs, cuiyadong, President of Shanghai law society, jizhengkun, member of the Advisory Committee on strategic construction of a national manufacturing power, zhenghuiqiang, chairman of Shanghai Federation of modern services, Ms. chensaijuan, chairman of Shanghai outstanding contribution expert Association, taoyuanxing, President of China Technology Market Association, and Shangshang The leaders and guests, such as Guan Weiyong, President of the Shanghai Federation of industry and economics of the people's Republic of China, Mr. Edward General of the General Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai, Mr. hanzhensi, counsellor of the Economic Department of the German Embassy in China, and Wu Gaolin, chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, attended the meeting.


More than 100 experts and scholars, intellectual property professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, media journalists from all over the world participated in the forum. Affected by the epidemic, thousands of foreign experts, scholars and audiences also participated in the event through live broadcast online. The keynote speech on "intellectual property promotes high-quality development of digital economy" is presided over by hongyongqing, director of Shanghai Office of the South South Cooperation Promotion Association of the Ministry of foreign affairs.


Mr. tianlipp, former director of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, attended the forum in person. In his speech, he congratulated the forum. He said that he had participated in the Shanghai Pujiang international cloud Forum on intellectual property for seven consecutive years. This year's forum is also the Yangtze River Delta Pearl River tripartite intellectual Property Cooperation and linkage conference, which is of great significance to promote the innovation and development of intellectual property.


Wu Gaolin, chairman of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, delivered a keynote speech at this forum. President Wu Gaolin decoded the value of intellectual property from the moral classics, and deeply discussed the following dimensions: whether or not the moral classics are related, the establishment of IP consensus mechanism, the change of wealth creation elements, the composition of the value of intellectual property, the scale of the value of Chinese intellectual property, and classic cases of intellectual property rights The great value of intellectual property is analyzed.


The following is an excerpt from President Wu's speech:

Good morning, everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank the general assembly for his kind invitation and the special thanks to director hongyongqing for arranging a feast on intellectual property rights. We have learned from various perspectives the different views and sharing of intellectual property rights between experts and scholars in the past two days. Today, I will decode the value of intellectual property rights from the perspective of Chinese classical philosophy! I analyze from three points:

First, a set of definitions;

Second, a mechanism;

Third, a huge market.


The most important group of definitions of moral classics is: the definition of existence and absence. In fact, it is the same as the intangible assets and fixed assets in our modern society. The things of the world are born in existence and others are born in nothing. Nameless, the beginning of all things; famous, the mother of all things.

Moral classics defines a value system for intellectual property. This value system is in its consensus mechanism. The Tao of moral classics has one life, two lives, two lives three, three beings all things. In fact, it can also refer to our technological innovation, our intellectual property rights, if they are spread through the Internet, create liquidity, let the whole world understand, contact or use our intellectual property rights created by creation, and the more people are recognized, the greater its value will be.


Intellectual property is the greatest wealth of mankind and the main factor to promote human progress. We can understand the elements of wealth creation from the historical development stage. First, in the agricultural era, mainly through labor and land and other factors of production, if there is labor force, crops can be planted, thus generating income. Second, in the industrial age, wealth can be created mainly through the production factors such as factory buildings, equipment, labor force and capital. Third, in the era of intellectual economy, the value of an enterprise is transformed from fixed assets to intangible assets. Now, it can create wealth through the intangible assets such as scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property rights. We look at the analysis of the intangible assets and fixed assets of listed companies by S & P 500: from 83% of fixed assets in 1975 to 10% of fixed assets of Listed Companies in 2020, in fact, the fixed assets of many enterprises are not up to 1%.

From the Internet companies listed in recent years, we can think about whether the fixed assets of these enterprises can reach 10% of its market value. Apple once had a market value of $2trillion. Its biggest fixed assets were a circular office building. It was designed with five billion yuan. After the establishment, it was five billion. What was the proportion of five billion to two trillion? It's only two to five in ten thousand. Therefore, in the era of knowledge economy, the way or method of wealth creation is totally different from that of the agricultural and industrial times. In the era of knowledge economy, wealth creation is instantaneous, rapid and scale.

In addition, we will look at the value of intellectual property. First, it is the value of IP connotation, what is the connotation? For example, if there is a patent, it is necessary to judge whether the patent technology belongs to the sunrise or sunset industry, which is composed of its connotation; secondly, the value of IP frequency is whether it is popular or used frequently by the public if there is a brand or copyright content. For example, we usually use Haitian soy sauce, Wang Laoji Maotai wine, etc., which are consumed by people every day. But Wudang Mountain, Taishan, Zhangjiajie and other tourist attractions consume less frequently. Can we create high-frequency and high-quality IP? We can also create it, but we need to change it; thirdly, the value of IP derivative, the value of intellectual property is still in its extensibility, and can it extend more services or products. Fourth, the value of IP scale, the scale influence of the intellectual property is in a regional, or in a country or the whole world? So the size of scale influence affects the value; finally, the composite value of IP, which is a kind of synergistic siphon effect after the combination of the first four points.


Here, you can see that this offering book "works of haohejun Taiwan" is a copyright standardized product issued by Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange in 2019. The basic assets of the product are 2million, and the value is 20million after professional evaluation. We have issued ten times of derivatives on the basis of 20million, and it becomes two billion products. We all know that this is derivative art, so it may also have ten times of value-added space, which may reach a scale of 2 billion, that is, 2million intangible assets can eventually produce huge value through its connotation, frequency, derivation, scale and combination. This is the charm of intellectual property, which is the unique part of intellectual property. The core advantage of our Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange is to commercialize, commercialize and monetize intellectual property rights, and finally make intellectual property realize the maximum value.

We can see the scale of China's intellectual property rights. In 2019, China's copyright sales volume is more than 700000 million, accounting for 7.2% of China's GDP, and the contract volume is 1.2 trillion, accounting for less than 2% of China's GDP. So from this data, we know that compared with the development of intellectual property in the United States, we have a long way to go and have a long way to go.

Intellectual property is about the fate of the country. This year marks the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. From 1921 to 1935, the Communist Party explored 14 years from pain and darkness. The Zunyi Meeting held on the way of the long march in 1935 established Comrade Mao Zedong's leadership position in the Red Army and the Central Committee of the party, which enabled the Red Army and the Party Central Committee to survive in extremely critical circumstances, and successfully completed the Long March after that, and opened up a new situation of the Chinese revolution. This is a crucial turning point in the history of the party. During 1935-1949, the Communist Party spent another 14 years, holding up Mao Zedong thought to create a new China, which is China's best intellectual property right. Thank you!

President Wu Gaolin explained the great value of intellectual property from a new perspective, and played a role in promoting the innovation and development of intellectual property. The participants expressed great benefits, updated everyone's ideas and broadened their vision.

It is reported that the forum is hosted by China branch of the International Association for the protection of intellectual property, the promotion of South South cooperation of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China, the Shanghai Federation of industrial and economic, the Shanghai Economic Association, the Shanghai Association of outstanding contribution experts, etc., and is hosted by the China Technology Market Association, the intellectual property development research center of the State Intellectual Property Bureau, the China intellectual property newspaper, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Association Property exchange and other units support.

Here, warmly congratulate the success of 2021 Shanghai Pujiang international cloud Forum on intellectual property and the Yangtze River Delta intellectual property cooperation and linkage conference!

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