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Tencent, as a big game factory, has never been vague about intellectual property. Hand tear rub famous enterprises, a word does not agree with a lawsuit, so also won the "Nanshan Pizza Hut" title.

Recently, Tencent is laying out new trademarks again. This time, it has turned its attention to all kinds of games under its banner, and even the game slogans have not been ignored. Everything can be a trademark.


"Protect our output"

"Hold on, we can win"

"No waves with the wind, no waves against the wind"

"I take buff"

If you are a MoBa mobile game enthusiast, then you must be familiar with these internal news, and Tencent is registering them as trademarks.


At present, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of trademarks such as "stabilizing us to win", "protecting our output", "attacking shadow dominating", "following the wind without waves", "against the wind not falling", "I take buff" and other trademarks, with the status of "trademark application". The international classification of these trademarks includes education and entertainment, clothing, shoes and hats, scientific instruments, etc., involving the name or pattern of trademarks.


In the "list of top 20 enterprises with the number of trademarks in China" previously released, Tencent ranked first with 18000 in terms of trademark registration. In the field of games, Tencent technology has not only registered the above mentioned trademarks, but also applied for registration of "all people E-sports", "Tianmei all people E-sports" and "Tencent all people E-sports".

If you don't apply, you will lose a lot

Do you remember the trademark "goose factory"? Because the layout is not comprehensive, class 29 "goose factory" trademark was registered by individuals, Tencent failed to object.

Therefore, for Tencent to apply for various kinds of game common language trademark, netizens said, "if he doesn't apply, it won't be a big loss if someone else applies for it?"


Indeed, trademark registration follows the "first principle". If Tencent does not apply and is preempted by others, the business value brought by these words will be lost, which will be a great loss to Tencent.

These games commonly used vocabulary, with traffic, value is not vulgar. Tencent will protect its application as a registered trademark and occupy the place of trademark in advance, so as to further tap its potential and diversify its business layout.

A lot of netizens doubt, will these words be infringed in the future? Is it necessary to get the consent of Tencent? That's not necessary. Although Tencent has applied for trademark registration of these words, we as natural individuals still have no problem using them in our daily life. Don't worry.

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