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(transferred to official report of Xi'an Jiaotong University)

On September 25, Xi'an Jiaotong University held the "science and technology innovation month" in the new port of science and technology in Western China, showing the world the open, sharing and first-class scientific and technological innovation port in Western China, and opening up a new mode of global cooperation。

The lecture was presided over by Li Xiaoming, associate professor of Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Professor Ma Zhiguo, President of the Research Institute, Wu Gaolin, chairman of the board of directors of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Li Quan, director of Xi'an intellectual property protection center, danglei, chairman of Xi'an TV drama copyright trading center, and Zhang Liang, a cadre of the copyright management department of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, attended the seminar.

National universities, famous scientific research institutions, governments, enterprises and institutions, industry leaders and other guests gathered in the innovation port to carry out all-round, multi field and deep-seated exchanges and cooperation.

With the theme of "how to make use of the strategic planning and layout of intellectual property to seek survival and development in the context of Sino US relations", Chairman Wu Gaolin shared in detail the basic concept of intellectual property, the three major rights and interests of intellectual property and the values of intellectual property. President Wu Gaolin mentioned: "intellectual property rights are playing an increasingly important role in promoting economic development, scientific and technological progress and cultural prosperity. Intellectual property rights have become an important part of economic life. The history of China's intellectual property development and protection is the history of Sino US economic friction. Enterprises should pay more attention to avoiding the risk of intellectual property rights in the international market, carry out global layout and design effective intellectual property portfolio. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange actively promotes enterprises to use intellectual property for value discovery, value discovery, value circulation and value realization, and does not dilute equity and increase debt, so as to help enterprises survive and develop sustainably. "


In the interactive session of the lecture, the guests had a keen exchange with Chairman Wu Gaolin on the trading mode of intellectual property rights and the securitization of intellectual property rights.

Under the guidance and support of Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government, Xi'an municipal Party committee and municipal government, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xixian new area and Fengxi new city of Xixian New Area organize and jointly organize the activity. During the "science and technology innovation month", 29 research institutes which have settled in the science and technology innovation port in Western China will carry out more than 150 activities. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange will spare no effort to contribute to the cultivation of intellectual property talents, scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation and international exchange!

After the meeting, Chairman Wu Gaolin and Professor Ma Zhiguo, President of the Institute of intellectual property of Xi'an Jiaotong University, had in-depth exchanges and discussions. The two sides reached a consensus on cooperation in building an intellectual property college, optimizing the cultivation of intellectual property talents and on-the-job training. Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange will carry out a series of work with Xi'an Jiaotong University!

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