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  IPRating, an evaluation tool jointly developed by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and the University of Chicago, which aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of intellectual property products and innovative technology projects. As an authoritative evaluation tool, IPRating provides a strategic framework for evaluating and managing projects. It makes a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of intellectual property products in the five fields of law, technology, market, finance and strategy.

  We will introduce scientific, rigorous and internationally recognized intellectual property evaluation tool - IPRating to enterprises in the region. The evaluation system will provide patent technology strategy, direction and analysis for innovation projects of enterprises, so as to nip in the bud, and carry out planning and layout of intellectual property at home and abroad, and conduct intellectual property protection in advance.

  • IP Evaluation

    A sound valuation should be based on systematic approaches to fact gathering and research of the IP assets. Accepted valuation methodology should be applied based on the facts to develop a defensible analysis. A well documented valuation report should include information about the IP, the company, the subject business interest, the company's financial condition and earning capacity, and the industry to which the IP contributes.

    FAQ - Valuation

  • Identity Verification

    Qualification certification is the evaluation and certification of the comprehensive strength of institutions or individuals that need to publish financing projects, such as investment and project release, by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange.
  • Project Verification

    Project verification is to establish the validity and truthfulness of your project listed at the Financing Platform. All projects have to be verified before being listed at HKIPX’s Financing Platform.

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