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Hello, Dear friends,


The good wishes of 2019 keep pouring in while we bid farewell to the year of 2018 embroiled with hot issues. In 2018, at the backdrop of the 40th Anniversary of China Reform and Opening, historic opportunities were bestowed to the IP communities from China and around the world. Events such as the "US-China Trade War" between the world's two largest superpowers made "IP" a buzzword across the global politics, science and technology, finance and consumption for the first time. It began to dawn upon people that the vague and fleeting IP rights can set off treacherous waves between G2 and even around the globe are of huge values:


IP Rights and Politics: Undeniably, the most noteworthy political event in the world in 2018 was the US-China Trade War launched by Trump, the newly elected President of the U.S.A. This trade war is different from the previous trade disputes between the US and other countries. Its essentials are about the future core competitiveness of the United States and China in the field of high-tech and IP rights. Two of the three core issues are focused on the intellectual property field - "mandatory transfer of technology and inadequate protection of IP". External pressure propels the acceleration of China internal reform, and the acceleration of IP legislation and protection IP rights in China.


IP Rights and Science & Technology: In 2018, for China's scientific and technological community, both "chip" pain ("ZTE event") and physical punishment ("Huawei Meng incident"), disregard its political motivations, triggered off immense discussions on IP protection and the backward status of the scientific and technological development in China, and further stimulated the government and enterprises investment in R&D in the basic science. Its essential task is to increase the public awareness, popularization and protection of IP rights.


IP Rights and Finance: The buzzword of global financial markets in 2018 is none other than "trillion dollars entity". The first trillion-dollar public companies in human history appeared in the United States. The first is Apple, the next is Amazon. As an excellent representation of public innovation companies, tangible assets account for less than 10% of their market cap. The brand strength and the IP value have been proven to its full, which will further stimulate the advent of a good number of public company followers of "Apple" and "Amazon".


IP Rights and Consumption: Looking back on the Chinese consumer market in 2018, companies represented by intangible consumption, such as Pinduoduo, Tencent Music, Meituan Dianping, Inke, Liepin and PA GoodDoctor flocked to the US capital market in cluster. Invisible assets, including copyright, patents and digital assets are rapidly becoming representations of the tight integration of IP rights and consumption. IP rights are coming onto the stage of branding and securitization in the category of mass consumers.


Throughout 2018, considering the US-China trade war as the "big classroom" for the Chinese people, China's IP-related industries have gradually become a central topic in the fields of politics, science and technology, finance and consumption. It is fair to say that 2018 is the first year that the IP rights are elevated to "IP+", and has formally become the core system factor connecting the past and the future of China’s reform and opening to the outside world.


Since its inception, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has been rooted in the conviction that knowledge is power and knowledge is wealth. IP is the last massive wealth for the mankind in the world yet to be explored. Our mission is to help enterprises with their value discovery, and creation of wealth for the society and themselves.


Since 2012, IP product standardization has been the focus of our research and study. In line with our first mission, we shun all the capital and ever-changing "retail speculation games" including cultural assets, precious metals, bulk commodities, stamps and coins and ICOs. A man of honor attains wealth in a meaningful way, use it prudently with good purpose. We have the conviction that in the process of creating wealth it should first benefit the nation and then its people, and lastly ourselves.


From January to November 2018, we upgraded our trading platform and completed its digital transformation, and were ready for the Hong Kong's regulatory compliance.


In August 2018, we launched the GBF Department to help public companies around the globe to monetize their IP values via providing services of greater initiative in market cap management.


From March to December 2018, we started and completed the enormous task of "2018 IP Value Rankings of Chinese Public Companies".


2019 is also destined to be an extraordinary year. We will usher in the 40th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-US diplomatic relations, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. Associates and partners of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange will make concerted efforts to walk all lengths to reach our goal!


Opening the door and catching the first glimpse of dawn, we embrace the future of knowledge economy and the new era of IP, "Life's too short to think small". Empowered with years of experience and taking advantages of success of our study on the IP standardization, we shall wholeheartedly serve the society, the business and the public.


 Global IP, Share the Globe!

The Chairman of Board of Director of HKIPX

Colin Wu