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Brief History

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd. (“HKIPX”), headquartered in Hong Kong is a financial exchange focusing on intellectual property. Our mission is to provide efficient and effective instruments to smooth IP transfers, meet the transaction, price discovery, enforcement, monitoring and data distribution needs of IP holders and users, issuers, investors, traders, market makers, brokers, and other participants in the growing intellectual property marketplace. HKIPX facilitates monetization and commercialization of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual properties and related rights to provide asset managers with new investment and trading opportunities in IP assets and to provide corporations and owners of intellectual property with new risk management tools to manage their intellectual property portfolios.

HKIPX business model makes investment and risk management in IP-related assets possible and easy, and allows owners of IP assets to unlock additional value of such assets, and creates efficient IP transfer markets to improve price discovery for the assets. By enhancing transparency in the marketplace, implementing contract standardization, streamlining the trading process and providing participants with access to market data, HKIPX provides the community with a deeper understanding of the economics of intellectual property.

HKIPX at a Glance

Welcome to Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd (HKIPX). HKIPX is a global leading marketplace to unlock the economics of intellectual property, designed to facilitate the trading and transaction of IP assets, reducing IP risks and motivating creation and innovation. HKIPX is a global leading operator of financial services to commercialize, monetize and securitize innovative technologies, industrial designs, trademarks and brands and copyrights.

Milestones and Events of HKIPX


July, HKIPX developed online trading system

July, HKIPX Chairman Mr. Colin Wu was invited to Stanford University and Silicon Valley technology companies to discuss about technology transfer and licensing etc.

March, HKIPX was invited to participate in China's famous sculptor Mr. Pan He Exhibitions


December, HKIPX website officially began Phase II development;

August, official launch the first phase of the HKIPX website

August, official opening of the HKIPX office at Manulife Financial Center

June, began recruiting employees in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

April, consultation with Liu Mingkang, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, at his office in Beijing

April, consultation with Maurice Greenberg, Chairman of C.V. Starr

April, consultation with Dr. Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State

March, consultation with Liu Mingkang, former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, and Yao Gang, Vice Chairman of China Security Regulatory Commission

February, HKIPX was officially registered with Hong Kong SAR

January, consultation with experts of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Property Shares Exchange


December, sought advice from Mr. Roel Campos, the former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

December, meeting with Peter Cheung, director of the Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and probing the feasibility and possibility of setting up an IP exchange in Hong Kong,

Autumn, engaged in research to build the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd

May, official launch of Shenzhen Innovative Technologies and Property Shares Exchange


Building of the Shenzhen Innovative Technologies and Property Shares Exchange

November, meeting with Chang Jinyong, president of Shenzhen United Property Shares Exchange with Richard Sandor, founder of Chicago Climate Exchange and European Climate Exchange, Michael Walsh of Chicago Climate Exchange and a new start-up focusing on intellectual property trading.