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Why choose HKIPX for valuation?

IP valuation is the pillar of IP trading. HKIPX executives and experienced, detail-oriented valuation experts work to provide reliable and independent analysis utilizing accepted valuation methodology to produce well reasoned, supportable valuation and financial consulting services.

The Science

A sound valuation should be based on systematic approaches to fact gathering and research of the IP assets. Accepted valuation methodology should be applied based on the facts to develop a defensible analysis. A well documented valuation report should include information about the IP, the company, the subject business interest, the company's financial condition and earning capacity, and the industry to which the IP contributes.

The Art

Experience and insight, in addition to an in-depth understanding of valuation methodology, are necessary to reach correct result. Recognizing and properly weighing the underlying components of the value of IP and taking into account all issues at hand, are important elements of the art of valuation.

Valuation Services

Whether you need a simple valuation tool, or full-fledged assessment workstation which can come up with accurate reports in the court to back up your claim for infringement damage, HKIPX is here to support you. We have assembled a host of IP valuation tools from around the major IP markets worldwide.

Global Valuation Partners

HKIPX provides accurate valuation services to our global clients by partnering with deep-experienced IP valuation firms strategically positioned in metropolitan areas around the globe. Our objective is to achieve the highest risk adjusted results of the IP asset valuation and to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities with the maximum level of integrity and commitment...

·   Deloitte

·   China Technology Exchange

·   Shanghai Pingzheng Valuation Company Ltd

·   IPMetrics, Intellectual Property Consulting

·   Innovaro

What is patent valuation?

In the market economy, patents of companies are not just the results of creation and innovation, it is a product with certain commercial value. However, this product is unique and it is different from tangible products. In "value" perspective, patents demonstrate strong meaning of market monopoly or uncertainties. There are many factors contributing to the value of the patented technology, so it demands assessments and analysis from diversified angles. From the market perspective, to convert patents into products, we should also take into consideration the sales strategy and market development when calculating the value of patents. Once accepted by the market, patents usually will generate huge profits. Therefore, patent valuation is an important preparation before product commercialization.

The value of patented technology dwells in many areas, such as validity, availability of similar technology, market share of the patented products and so on. These factors will be all taken into account during patent valuation.

Benefits of patent valuation

When the patented technologies come with widely acknowledged and accurate market valuation, patents can be easily converted into tradable products, and be licensed to manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile, patents will gain popularity and market share because of their strengthened legal status and monopoly, thus adding premium value to the products. Patent licensing, market monopoly and extra profits will become a major source of funding for new research and development.

Want to put a price tag on your patent?

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Copyright Identification

Copyright can apply to the following types of work:

·   Musical works, including text and music composed jointly or separately, or only music

·   Works of art, including sketches, cartoons, paintings, maps, photographs, sculptures, architectural works

·   Literary works, including the original text, such as essays, stories, poems, books and pamphlets, and create their own computer programs, which are also considered to be literary works protected by copyright

·   Dramatic works, including film, video, theater, performances, screenplay and script.Independent copyright also applies to the above-mentioned works downstream communication, i.e.

·   Actors, musicians, dancers and singers

·   Broadcast signals associated with the communication engineering

·   Recorded works, such as DVD, CD, LP or tape recordings.

Why copyright valuation?

As an intangible property, you may turn your copyright into a licensing scheme or outright sell-out to bring you extra income after a good assessment of its value.

Assessed literary works may have certain commercial value. The buyers may buy out its copyrights or license them. On the one hand, assessment may increase the value and popularity of the works, on the other, the popular works can be made into licensed products to enhance the value of the products.

How to assess the value of your copyright?

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What is a trademark and brand valuation?

To establish the name for a brand calls for the backup of quality products and services, in addition to the trade names, service marks and other intangible assets and related intellectual property related to marketing strategies. Many countries have laws protecting the registered trademarks. With protection of laws and market reputation, we are ready to assess the value of your company's trademark and brand so that you may have a reference of its value when you are ready to enter into a licensing agreement with another party.

How to make best out of your assessed trademark?

   The trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are treated as intangible assets and marketing-related intellectual property. Many countries have laws and regulations protecting registered trademarks. Trademarks are assessed at a certain price so trademark holders can transfer the ownership of trademarks or license the mark to other parties for fees. Based on these business practices, it is commonly believed that licensees can dramatically increase their sales and popularity in its home market in a short period of time. At the same time, they can reduce their marketing and promotional cost while further strengthening its market share.

Brand value factors

We shall take all relevant factors affecting the trademark into consideration when conducting valuation, such as market conditions, future profitability.The following factors will be taken into account in the valuation:

·   The nature of the business and its market environment

·   The financial position of the business and the overall economic outlook

·   The future development of the business and the commitment of intangible assets

·   Past and expected results of operations

·   Financial and business risks, including the capital structure, earnings and expected future results

How to assess the value of your trademark?

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