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"Knowledge is power", the adage from Francis Bacon, the British philosopher of 16th-17th century, is more self-evident than ever before in its meaning in global information and commercial society of today. The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange (HKIPX) offers you Midas touch to convert your "knowledge" into personal wealth. Inventions, literary and artistic works, trademarks and brands, collectively known as the wisdom of mankind, are indeed a huge "gold mine". Unfortunately, its value has been historically ignored or undervalued.

HKIPX has made ready a marketplace for IP holders to access capital markets through its experts with decades of experience in the industries of intellectual property, finance and capital markets. To do this, HKIPX is offering three major trading engines with different functionality to buyers and sellers of intellectual properties: 1) Intellectual Property Flea Market, 2) Financing Platform for Intellectual Property Project and 3) UIPR trading Engine. The following section highlights UIPR Trading Engine:

Intellectual Property Concept 101

Besides the traditional contents of patents & technology, trademarks and brands, copyrights and cultural assets, intellectual property goes well beyond to include much more in the intangible assets. Intellectual property covered in this section will focus on the following concepts:

Patents and technologies : inventions, utility models, industrial designs, technical secrets and know-how, business models and industrial resources, etc.

Copyrights and cultural assets: acrobatics, architectural design, art works, computer software, dance, drama & opera, folk literature, literary works, movies & TV programs, music, oral literature, photography, technical drawing, theater and opera, written works

Trademarks and brands: 3D trademarks, alphabetic mark, color composite marks, graphic trademark, numeric mark, word mark and other composite marks

Financing of Intellectual Property Project

Startup companies come into existence with new concepts, novice business models, inventions and creativity. HKIPX’s Financing Platform offers the startups access to a variety of low-cost funds to scale up their development and commercialize their new products and services. You may seek investment for your projects through listing at this section after you become a verified member of HKIPX. Investment options may take many forms to attract different participants, such as loans, equities, property mortgages, debt convertible to equity and vice versa. HKIPX will verify the investment project and release it at the Financing Platform to the public when it passes our vetting. Taking advantage of the crowd-funding concept, HKIPX is poised to raise funds from the interested public to finance your project. HKIPX also invites third parties such as insurance companies to ensure proper management of the projects and to fend off risks for investors. HKIPX’s Financing Platform provides interested parties with opportunities for early involvement with innovative startups companies.

The Financing Platform best suits individuals and startup companies with brilliant intellectual property ideas to grow bigger and become stronger in financial terms. The project will take advantage of the extra funding for mass production, commercialization and scale up development.

Listing Process of Project Financing (For Project Administrator)

Step 1, Login to HKIPX website at;

Step 2, Visit the Financing page, click the "List Your Project" on the top left corner;

Step 3, Complete "basic information", "Description" and "Project Administrator" of the project;

Step 4, Submit project information;

Step 5, By now, you are one step away from listing your submission. To ensure the validity and quality of projects listed at HKIPX website, your project has to be verified in order to raise funds on the Financing Platform. You may choose to continue with the verification process after submitting your project, or visit My HKIPX and locate the unverified item in "My Listing" to finish the verification process;

Step 6, Project verification complete, fundraising starts.

Project Financing Process (Investors)

Step 1, Login to HKIPX website at;

Step 2, Visit the Financing page;

Step 3, Select investments opportunities in the list;

Step 4, Subscribe shares of the project;

Step 5, Complete payment of your subscription;

Step 6, When the fundraising goal is reached, HKIPX will contact you in 5 working days, the financing project starts.

Project Profit Return

After your subscription, HKIPX will, according to the schedule of the project development, send payment notice to the Project Administrator. The HKIPX shall distribute the payment including the interest to all investors according to their shares of subscription.

Transaction Fees

HKIPX charges a transaction fee for each project.

Trading and settlement currency

HK dollars