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What is Project Verification?

Project verification is to establish the validity and truthfulness of your project listed at the Financing Platform. All projects have to be verified before being listed at HKIPX’s Financing Platform.

Benefits of Project Verification

  • Establish validity of the project After project verification, you may show its advantages to your investors and increase your opportunity of success.
  • Feasibility of the project After project verification, you may list your project at the Financing Platform to raise funds.
  • Enjoy the privilege of listing..... After project verification, HKIPX will help promote your listings accordingly to increase the success of your projects.
  • Take advantage of our worldwide..... To After Project certification, you may participate in our business networking events to expand your horizon.

1. Project verification is projects listed on the Financing Platform, project verification cost: $2000.

2. If you want to list your project at Financing Platform, your project has to be verified.

3. If on-site investigation is required, all extra expenses such as traveling, food and boarding will be charged accordingly.

Workflow of Verification

1. Application2. Make Payment3. Project4. Submission Complete

1. Basic Information: Please provide documents for certification, such as Business Registration, Company Tax ID, Personal ID of company principals etc (please see list of documents required in attachment).

2. audited Annual Report.

3. IP Documents: Please provide all necessary IP related documents, such patent, trademark and copyright registration and/or proofs (please see list of documents required in attachment).

4. Fee Schedule for Certification: (See the details here)