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What is Member Authentication?

Increase Sales via Recommendation Credit verification-this will allow you to list your projects on the Financing Platform to raise funds.


Benefits of Member Authentication

  • Show Strength, Increase Credibility After credit verification, it will bring you credit worthiness and the credibility of your project.
  • Increase Sales via Remmendation Credit verification will allow you list your projects at Financing Platform to raise funds.
  • Enjoy the privilege of listing..... After credit verification, HKIPX will help promote your listings accordingly to increase the success of your projects.
  • Take advantage of our worldwide..... After credit verification, you may participate in our business networking events to expand your horizon.

1. “Member credit check” is the symbol of credit worthiness of a member. The credit check fee: $200. No “Credit check” is required for IP Flea Market.

2. You need “credit check” before listing your project at Financing Platform. Investor’s credit check is not required.

3. If on-site investigation is required, all extra expenses such as traveling, food and boarding will be charged accordingly.

Workflow of Authentication

1. Application2. Make Payment3. Project4. Submission Complete
Authentication Documents: Attachment Necessary Documents*Make sure all documents you provide are true and genuine. Affix corporate seal on every document. If you falsify information, your membership will be cancelled immediately and you will be blacklisted.

1.Business Registry and Bylaw

2. Annual reports of past 3 years, & recent PL statement of past 6 months

3. Corporate bank statement of past 6 months

4. Corporate asset and debt balance sheet (see attached samples)

5. Information of artificial person and key board members (see attached samples)

6. Major clients and IP-related product information (see attached samples


1. National ID Card, and/other valid certificates

2. Personal asset and debt balance sheet (see attached samples)

3. Personal Information (see attached samples)

4. Personal bank statement of past 6 months

5. IP-related product information (see attached samples)