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Report Counterfeiting / Infringement Cases
In order to protect your intellectual property rights, please contact the HKIPX for becoming a member and use our anti-counterfeiting (anti-piracy) services.
What is Anti-Counterfeiting (Anti-piracy)?
Anti-Counterfeiting (Anti-piracy) means fighting against the acts of infringement of intellectual property rights, in order to safeguard the interests and legal rights of the IP owners.
Anti-counterfeiting Resources
HKIPX work closely with corporate associations, law enforcement, and various international governments to combat different types of infringement such as software, music and films, artworks, copycats of luxury brand products and unauthorized use of patents and technologies.
Many businesses are using the state-of-the-art technology solutions or measures against infringement and piracy, such as the anti-counterfeiting trademark, anti-counterfeiting patent technology, RFID technology.
Some success in combating piracy cases:
HK Customs-US authorities co-operation smashes a transnational piracy syndicate (cyberlocker) with over HK$300 million worth of crime proceeds restrained
Shini -- continued success against infringement and counterfeiting in China
Useful evidence for Reporting Anti-Piracy
A Document proving the existence of a copyright
Trademark Registration Certificate
Pirated /Counterfeit goods specimen
Purchase invoice

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